Ravello: Ancient Gemstone in the Amalfi Coast


Here's the deal. The Amalfi Coast is as exotic as it sounds. Ravello is an ancient village tucked away, high in the cliffs of the rugged Italian coastline. This is a land richly swelling with fruits and flowers and humidity. Fat lemons sigh heavily from the luscious outstretched trees above my head. Butterflies frantically flock to and fro, kissing my shoulders for a fast moment as they bar hop from the hydrangeas to the birds of paradise. This is the home of limoncello, my newest favorite Italian discovery.

Our B&B hosts a quiet 4 rooms of visitors, welcoming its guests on a common shared patio. More like an orchard. More like... the most breathtaking views I've ever seen. EVER. And I've seen some pretty crazy stuff on this particular trip. The B&B, Ravello Rooms, sits on the edge of a cliff, with a 380 meter drop off into the Mediterranean Sea teeming below. It is sunset. It is perfect. The sky is cotton pink froth, misting into the sea with an indistinguishable route that makes you question where the sky ends and the water begins. Our B&B host, Guiseppe, has never left his hometown of Ravello. I can see why.

What We Do.

Breakfast is served on the patio. We make it last for a minimum of two hours each morning. Because these are $10 million views.

Beach time during the day. Alfresco dining each night. Moonlit midnight walks home along the mountain tops. My head swimming with fantastic frenzy. My skirt swirls softly around my legs in the warm wind that channels along these cliffs. I am not making this stuff up. This town. Is as crazy perfect as it sounds.

We never stop staring at the sky. It looks like Peter's Never Neverland. Maybe it actually is. And I don't EVER want to grow up.