Takeaways from Italy

Arreviderci, Italia.

It is, sadly, our last day in Italy. I've been trying not to mourn since I woke up this morning. Italy has been the most amazing country of my life. I wanted to buy all the girls in my family loads of handmade pottery from the town markets. I wanted to bring back my parents and Stevie's parents bottle after bottle of wine. I wanted to buy all my bros sweet gear from the leather marts. But I could never carry home (or afford!) such extravagantly enormous presents. We have two weeks left of our trip and my bag is already heavy, sadly, with mostly dirty laundry. Although, leaving this land of fine wine empty-handed is also making me regretfully sad. My optimistic side keeps telling me that it's just another reason to plan a second trip.

My Takeaways from Italy:


// The Culture - There is so much. Culture. That like, formed the world. And society as we know it.
 Minor details. Major footprints.

// The Art - Oh, the art. Sculpting is some kind of psychedelic lost art. Now I feel like I have a much better appreciation for the Renaissance. Especially for my new main squeeze Michelangelo. So much creativity was embraced during the Renaissance. I would love a revival of that in my lifetime. So all you prodigies out there. Hop to it, k?

// The Beverages - Wine, limoncello, and sparkly water. It's just ridiculously yumm. Way to complement a meal.

// The Lifestyle – I love the whole “Dolce Vita” attitude. It is a very sweet, slow, celebratory life culture. I could really get into adopting this. Oh wait. Already checked that one off the list.

// The Language - It's very tangible to me. Maybe it's from taking Spanish. Or maybe its from taking Italian. Or maybe it's for having Italian drama in my blood. But I just understand these people.


// Venice digs // Vatican faces // Cappuccino for a happy morn //

// Tiny Tuscan bites // Village by the Sea // He's walking into wonder-ocean // Bike baskets over car trunks //

// Working on my statuesque pose (ugh such a poser). //

// Here, Kitty Kitty... // Drinking in the Tuscan views // Colliseum maze //

// It's all pomp and circumstance in Pompeii. //

"Why you want to leave me??"

I have to go on a diet when I get home. Ugh but it's been so worth it.