1/50 NYC Adventures: Fifth Avenue

50 Adventures On Foot.

It's been weaved in the the fabric of all New York fantasies. Thoroughly Modern Millie belted, "So I can buy my clothes at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman too." Holly Golightly nibbled on croissants and dreamily gazed into the glassy windows at Tiffany & Co. Eloise never failed to stir up mischief at The Plaza and Blair & Serena blew their vast trust funds at Henri Bendels. These events, while perhaps partially fiction, are forever emblazoned upon the impressionable memories of young, starry-eyed New Yorker-wannabes (believe me, I should know.) And these events all culminate on New York's famed 5th Avenue.

This is my first installment in what could turn out to be a year worth of posts devoted to New York City adventures. My lovely cousin Amber was in town last weekend for a quick 48 hours of city bliss, and we took our time, laughing over manicures and toasting with teacups. Cheering to our frolicking, city fun. We took an afternoon to explore the darling, prestigious stretch of Fifth Avenue, which meant a lot of wandering through fahncy-schahncy stores, pretending to be wealthy ladies of leisure. It was a blast. On Fifth Avenue between 49th-60th Streets is a gallery of historic, fashionable New York centerpieces. All the luxury brands are neatly tucked in a row, from Louis Vuitton to Chanel, Gucci to Prada, almost too many to name. The iconic Apple Store, the Plaza Hotel, FAO Schwarz & Tiffanys captured our special attention for the afternoon. We wandered, took photos, snuck upstairs in The Plaza and lounged on a plush chaise lounge, whilst (obviously) pretending that at any moment, a prince would appear and ask us to dance.

// FAO Schwarz; yes, that is a man made entirely of Legos! My niece and nephews would have been enraptured. //

// The Plaza Hotel, under a bit of (frou-frou) construction. //

// The Plaza enjoys an array of chandeliers, FYI. //

// The Plaza; the grandiose entrance. //

// Tiffany & Co. Where I maybe tried on a $140,000 piece of jewelry. Maybe. //

// 5th Avenue, New York, NY //

City Walk.

5th Ave, you are one righteously treasured city street. You deserve a medal for achieving all-time dream status for millions of people all over the world. I will gladly pound your pavement anytime. Luxurious shopping spree, anyone?

*This post is part of a series of 50 New York City Adventures.