Alice's Teacup, Upper West Side

"'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves, did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe." - Except from Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carrol from Through the Looking Glass*

Fancy A Scone.

My lovely cousin Amber came into town last week. We traipsed around 5th Avenue and did all sort of girlish things, but one of my most favorites was the dreamy afternoon we spent over tea. As an early birthday surprise, she treated me to an Upper West Side high tea service at the famed Alice's Teacup.

Let me just say. It was quite the delight.

Alice's Offering.

Alice's Teacup is a fondly-known establishment in my hood, though I hadn't been there before. After stepping inside and letting our eyes adjust for a moment, we realized we were in a haven of fantastical fun. Teapots danced across the walls, charming silver spoons posed on the shelves. There was Alice in Wonderland paraphernalia everywhere and, for a gal with a deep-seated love for Alice and her posse of goof-off friends, I couldn't think of a happier place to be. We settled into our enormously overstuffed chairs and scoured the menu. And it was decided. The Madhatter's Delight it is. Which grandly included cucumber and watercress sandwiches, pumpkin and white chocolate scones, fragrant black tea and rich chocolate mousse. Oh, and tea cookies. Can't forget the petite, pretty little cookies that you can nibble with the tips of your teeth. The interior of Alice's is warm & intimate, set off by jeweled colors and topsy-turvy furnishings. It's was so comfortable, you could sit there for hours and get lost in deep conversation. And that's just what we did. Although, it was often interrupted by our deep-bellied howls of laughter that shook the room (and the teacups) and maybe caused a few annoyed glares in our direction. We are both quite the storyteller. And we are both rather loud.

Lets Talk.

This wonderful place made me realize why I am so enchanted by the fancifulness of tea time. It's a frilly event that is really masquerading as quality connection time, enjoying delectable treats over real conversation. Finding out what's running deep along the inner landscape of the magnificent person sitting across from you; taking the time to understand their perspective, look in their eyes and grow with them. It's an enriching, enlightening experience

that somehow always takes place over a hazy, heady cup of tea. I want to note that this is different than coffee time, people. Coffee time is also a sacred time, but in a completely different way. We will discuss that another day.

My day with this girl, ah, I'll never forget it. She's a treasured one.


* Also, this is the first poem I ever memorized. 3rd Grade poetry competition and I can still remember it, can still recite every word by heart. Nonsensical fun really does run deep.