My Merrell Challenge Gear

My Merrell Challenge Gear

My Merrell Challenge Gear by knhale // 1. C9 Champion Sports Bra // 2. Eos lip treatment // 3. Women's Nike Tempo Track Short // 4. iPhone // 5. Reebok Zigkicks // 6. iTunes gift card // 7. Sport Arm Band for iPhone // 8. Gaiam Sublime Yoga Mat //

The Challenge Update.

I've been running. Getting my groove on, if you will. For those of you who missed it, I am partaking in the Mapmyrun Merrell Challenge, which means I am challenged to run 30 times in a span of 45 days. So far, I am on Day 9 and I've done 6 runs. On the Mapmyrun app, I am in the top 8%, but (wait for it), I am in 2574th place. Basically there are a LOT of people who are out there, dreaming of free tennis shoes. Which is what you win, IF (in my case), you go up over two thousand places. Awesome, huh? No really, though, it is kind of awesome.

The Gear.

I created a round-up of the gear I've been using during this particular season. Anyone else fancy a run every now and then? You will like all of this stuff. Seriously.

1. C9 Champion Sports Bra: The best sports bra ever. 'Nuff said.

2. Eos lip treatment: I also really really love my Eos lip balm. Have I shared this with you before? OH THE GLORY. I especially love the honeydew honeysuckle and passionfruit flavors. They're a little elusive, but you can usually find them at Walmart or Target (check the ends of the aisles in the beauty section.) Seriously. This is a worthy three bucks spent. It's like your lips go on vacation...

3. Women's Nike Tempo Track Short: These are just the best shorts! They're the perfect length, never feel too tight, and always let enough breeziness in for, um, leg breath-ability? And they have some pretty wild colors... which I really dig.

4. iPhone: Bless you, dear Steve Jobs. I looooOOOooovee my sweet white life accessory. I run with this bad boy and listen to tons of inappropriate rap whilst doing so.

5. Reebok Zigkicks: The Reebok zigs are a wonder (and isn't this color to die for? I feel like I light up the dirt path when I run!) My dear friend Carrie introduced me to the world of Reebok, and I am forever grateful. Their gear is awesome and these shoes especially fit my large feet oh-so well. (For those of you keeping tally, I am only 5'4 and wear a size 8.5 shoe. I think I drank too much coffee as a 13-year old.) 

6. iTunes gift card: Sweet i-tuneage.

7. Sport Arm Band for iPhone: My precious little stylish sis got this for my birthday last year. It holds my phone in so I don't have to actually hand-carry it around (I would surely drop it) and therefore listen to the above-mentioned tunes.

8. Gaiam Sublime Yoga Mat: When I finish my run, I like to cap it off with about 10 minutes of abs or some pushups mixed in with some yoga stretches. Makes me feel all "Ommmm" inside.

The are the glories of my running world. Please enjoy. Do you have any gear that helps in your workouts?