Sunday Gratitude.

// When hydrangeas wilt you know it's summer's end. Oh Labor Day. //


Today I woke up to a hilarious text message from my sister. I guess she knows I've been a bit homesick (our recent snapchats have consisted of me, sending puppy faces, mourning faces, and fake-crying faces. Often these go without response.) However, she texted with a sisterly, all-knowing, "If you're homesick, here ya go!" The text included a video of my family at home on this fine day. My mom making breakfast, my Dad misunderstanding everything she was saying, and my cousin (who is pretty much a sister), glaring at Rachel, inquiring, "Why are you video-ing this? Are you taking a video??" Pretty much priceless. That kind of chaos is specifically Spencer-branded. There is no other family (that I know) that scrumptiously blends sarcasm, compassion, movie quotes and fervent prayer into such a wonderfully warm haven of laughter. It was just a comforting way to wake up. Realizing that even though I'm far away from "home" these days, the same kind of pattern is still happening there... and that just makes me happy. My goofy insane family is the same as ever. Somehow it cured a bit of my home-sickness. How? I have no idea. Sometimes the heart just needs a tiny taste of home.

Thankful for my sweet family today. What are you and your family up to this Labor Day weekend? I hope you are able to spend time together (labor-free), grilling out and laughing to your heart's content. Enjoy this end-of-summer celebration weekend!