Sunday Reflection.

Be Still.

I am working on creating stillness in my life. It's so easy for me to get caught up in a whirlwind (I feel like that is an over-used term in my life.) I get busy because I dream a lot, find ways to do the dozen or so ideas I have, over-commit, say yes to every grand opportunity, and then I suddenly find myself scrambling, trying to keep up with the incoming responsibilities associated with all my "yes-es." Am I alone in this? I know I can't be the only one with this recurring bad habit. And yes, too much of a good thing (or a lot of good things) can still be a bad thing. Because if the peace is lost, then, well, the peace is LOST. And I sort of crave a peaceful life environment. It's not for everyone, I suppose, but I want my mind to be still; my thoughts to be chaos-free, my heart to be serene and open. I WANT that, but I am not always living it. I don't think my circumstances should dictate my inner-peace. Shouldn't my inner-peace dictate my circumstances? I once heard a very wise woman say "Peace and rest aren't the same thing. Stop using those terms interchangeably." I think what she meant is that peace doesn't necessarily look like chilling out on a lawn chair. Rest looks like that. But peace can look different on different people. You can be running a country with the entire weight of your people on you, but maintain your peace. You can have every single minute of your day packed tightly with meetings and work, but still have peace. Or, you can do essentially nothing with your day, under the charade of "rest" but still not feel at peace.

This is less of a "Eureka, I've solved the problem for world peace!"-moment and more of a general meandering train of thought. My week has been crammed with wonderful craziness, and today I'm taking a deep breath (eating a few scones) and feeling the need for a bit of quiet, a bit of stillness. Today I'm creating space for peace AND rest, because I like them both a lot. They aren't coming naturally to me, based solely on my schedule and commitments, so I have to create time for them. Peace and rest. They deserve me and I deserve them. And, the good news is.. so do you.

Happy Sunday to you.