3/50 NYC Adventures: Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market.

The Chelsea Market is a much-loved little tourist trap. The trendy logo always grabs the attention of the wandering passerby. Even the most jaded of all New Yorkers can't help but find their way into the heart of this scrumptious, bustling and exquisitely warm haven of shopping and treats. This indoor market houses chic shops, trendy eateries, handmade crafts and specialty grocers. In other words, yeah, it's a version of Heaven. A VERSION. Let's dive in, shall we?

What To Do.

You want to spend an afternoon here, and make sure NOT to eat before hand. Because samples will abound. Begin with lunch at Friedmans (they have yummy tomato soup), then wander through the gigantic Anthropologie (I know, I know, it's a chain store but it's also the mother ship. Give it a free pass), then perhaps steal a moment away for a cookie at Sarabeth's (the dove shortbread cookies are my FAVE.) Make sure to browse through the artisan section of the market. This is where tons of start-up designers can showcase and sell their carefully-crafted jewelry and clothes. I especially love Brooklyn Charm, where you can select all the fixin's for a custom-made pendant necklace. My little sis may or may not have one of these around her graceful neck at this very moment :-) And there is always room for gelato, right? Stop by L'Arte de Gelato and try out the stracciatella. Or pistachio. Both are just so delish. Browse the New York cookbook section at Posman Books and learn about all the foodie geniuses that were borne in kitchens throughout this grand city, like MomofukuSorellaSarabeth'sThe Gramercy Tavern and more. And Chelsea Market Baskets has, well you've got it, amazing woven baskets in every shape, size, color, texture, etc. Last but not least, stop by Buon Italia, a fabulously authentic Italian grocery store, and pick up some thinly-sliced procuitto and bufala mozzarella before you leave the market for good. Now you have some delicacies to share when you get home. And then maybe your husband will forgive that you spent hours holed up at the market shopping...

// Anyone spot the most beautiful mother in all the land...? //

This market is a worthwhile (and tasty) experience. I've been bringing almost all our guests here and I tend to pop downtown and walk around this fun spot every few weeks. Like I said, the mother ship is here, so I can't stray too far... I hope you enjoy your Chelsea Market exploration!