Romeo & Juliet. Orlando & Kristen. Plus Stevie.

// The door to the building. Yowza.//

Romeo, Oh Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

Orlando Bloom. Is currently starring on Broadway in Romeo & Juliet.

Yeah. That hot elf has graduated to an iconic Shakespearean bad boy. Traded in his ears for tears and I'm still swooning. Way to go, Bloom. Way to GO.

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"Elf envy... they all had it." - Orlando Bloom, on the set of Lord of the Rings

Our History: LOTR

I first crushed on Orlando Bloom when he was a mystical, gracious aryan elf helping Frodo make it to Mount Doom in the epic The Fellowship of the Ring. Please. No one in that movie could even TOUCH Legolas. He was way too cool. He had perfect sight and could see enemies coming miles away. His sensitive hearing could detect oncoming danger. He could scurry along on top of the snow while everyone trudged through it. He never got dirty. His bow and arrow were righteously right. And as long as he didn't get killed, he could live FOREVER. Ugh. This elf was the man. Perhaps he combed his blonde tresses a bit too much and maybe he got a lot of elven mani-pedis on the set of these movies, but he still had super powers. Awesome ones.

My Husband.

So of course I found me a man who resembled Legolas. Obviously. He doesn't shoot arrows or throw daggers at dwarves, but he can do some pretty eerie stuff on Excel. And he doesn't have super-human hearing or seeing, but he actually listens to me babble on about the beauty of teatime and the necessity for efficient dish stacking in the dishwasher. And that's pretty super to me. What a man. He took me to see Orlando as Romeo for my birthday. The show is brand spankin' new, only running for 2 months, and Stevie snagged us tickets for my birthday. Best gift ever.

My Review.

The cast? Ridiculously talented. I mean, superior-ly talented. The theater? The Richard Rogers is one of the more beautiful Broadway theaters I've been in. The drama? Pretty expectedly impeccable. Shakespeare's language is so articulate, so intentional and just so poignant. Stevie and I have been on a Shakespeare kick since we saw A Midsummer Night's Dream in London this past summer. Also epic. Now I want to see Macbeth and Hamlet again!

// The show was smoochable. //

After Party. 

We left the theater in a thrill. Clutching each others hands, quoting "Oh Romeo!" and "parting is such sweet sorrrrrooowwww!!!" (alright, I was the only one poetically wailing ) But we fell out the door into the chilly night, the autumn air crisp and the New York street lit up with the bright lights of Broadway. What a dream. This moment. What I always wanted to do. Goof off on Broadway.

We waited after the show to get a glance at the cast before they left the theater. Apparently everyone else had the same idea. Good thing Stevie a lot taller than a bunch of post-teen gals (like me) and he and Orlando actually had some, well, I can say it, but don't get too jealous: EYE CONTACT.

// Who remembers Justin Guirini from American Idol Season 1? He was my fave in From Justin to Kelly. He played Count Paris and totally rocked it. //

// We "met" Orlando. In the top right corner, that's Stevie and Orlando's hands, almost touching! We (meaning Stevie) scored his autograph! Ah, I am still a 13-year old starstruck little girl inside. Note: he has a bodyguard. And that guy is lookin' FIERCE. //

// His autograph? Pretty cool. Our enjoyment of another celeb sighting? Priceless. //

Way to my Heart.

This birthday? Somehow it was just the best ever. Even though, for those folks on stage, "Never was there a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo." Duh duh DUHHHHH.