4/50 NYC Adventures: Highline Park

// Chelsea Grasslands //

Highline Park.

Now this is an ode to honest city majesty. A few years ago, a creepy old decrepit freight rail line was on the fast track to getting demolished (see what I did there? Oh train humor.) But a few righteous city folk got together and decided to donate the funds to recreate the railway into something beautiful. Thus, Highline Park was born. This is a park unlike any other; it is a wide green walkway raised above street level and spans about 14 streets running north to south along the Hudson River. With water views to the west and posh views of West Chelsea and the Meatpacking District to the east, The Highline is a refreshing tribute to modern city living.


There is an area where the green path widens and there are local vendors selling all kinds of yummy, including the People's Pops (get the custard popsicle!), L'arte del Gelato (pistachio! PISTACHIO!) and I've also heard ridiculous raves about The Taco Truck. So your hunger really shouldn't be an issue on this grand stroll.


There are actually some really awesome Highline-branded gear from gigantic designers who just happen to be local to the neighborhood, like this little gem from DVF and this classic crewneck from JCrew. It's also a convenient walk over from the last adventure we explored together, the Chelsea Market, so I always make sure to take make time for a quick stroll when I'm down there. This is the stuff that makes New York so much fun.


The Highline is located in one of the most artistic areas of the city (a really strange thing to say, since the entire city is artistic), but West Chelsea is truly home to a great number of photographers, design, fine art and fashion studios. So it's no surprise that the Highline has its own amazing array of outdoor art from world-renowned artists.

// El Anatsui's Broken Bridge II / Pretty purpleness //

// Charles Hewitt's "Urban Rattle"//

Park in the Sky.

The last time I visited, I caught the park around sunset, and it was a magnificent time to photograph all the yellowing beauty. As Super-Nintendo-y-crazy as the idea of a "park in the sky" might be, the concept totally works. The Highline showcases such a savvy way to enjoy a bit of green space in this massive city.