Windy Weekend in Chicago

"Boys, Chicac-y is the biggest noise in Illinois.'' - Doris Day as Calamity in Calamity Jane

The Windy City.

What a town. You've got to cue this jam while you read, because, well, this has been my childhood impression of Chicago. Warren and Meredith are some of our best friends from Boston, and just two weekends ago they got hitched in the grand Chicago History Museum. Stevie and I both had the privilege of being a part of the ceremony, which means we got an up-close view of their loving "I-do's." Not only was witnessing their commitment to one another completely poignant and beautiful, we had the best time exploring (and munching) our way through this spectacular (and truly windy!) city. Cheers to our new favorite couple!

// Cloud Gate at Millennium Park, AKA "the bean" //


Our friends spoiled us rotten and set us up to stay in one of the poshest areas of town. We lived it up in an Air B&B, just south of Lincoln Park and just around the corner from Michigan Avenue. Sooo legit. We jogged around the downtown fancy stores (I went into Topshop, first time ever!), ran along the water front, and through Lincoln Park. It was really windy (why was I surprised?) so the jogging/sightseeing combo was actually a really practical way to see a lot of sights and stay toasty while doing so. We did take a cab over to Millennium Park to see the Bean (aka the Cloud Gate), met our dear friends Andrew and Sarah for lunch and walked along the Chicago Waterfront as the wind whipped around our joyous selves. The fall foliage must have been at its peak for the weekend, because wow; the colors were fiercely outrageous.

// Yes, there were really horse-drawn carriages riding around this completely non-touristy area. Chicago is just that quaint. //


This weekend, we consumed a LOT of Chicago-style pizza. Which isn't really the healthiest option in the world, but in moderation, it's a real treat. If you are interested in tasting all the grandest pizzas in the world like me, then this is just another one to add to the ever-growing list of awesome pizza pies. It's the kind of deep dish that you eat three bites of and you're completely full. It's about 1.5 inches thick (yes, you read that right), richly packed with cheese, sausage and tomato goodness. And the crust! It's buttery and flaky and just wondrous. (Don't start thinking about the calories, I told myself. Hence, the mad amount of jogging.) We ate at Lou Malnati's more than once over the weekend, and I felt like I reached my life quota. Many thanks, Lou.

// Look at that waterfront path! Pretty priceless. //


//  Lake Michigan. You can sigh. //

// Left: The Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears, Right: The famed Drake Hotel //

// We played and ate all weekend. This was one grand affair. //


Strolling along the waterfront of Lake Michigan, hand in hand with my babe, I had a (mini) revelation moment. I have LOVED living in New York for the past 3 months, but there has been a teensy, tiny part of me that has been really nostalgic for Boston in the fall. My time living in Cambridge for two years was tumultuous, terrific, terrifying, but most of all, so treasured. Those cozy winters of hibernating inside... mmm there's nothing like it. But still, I have been really missing the gorgeous foliage along the Charles River that I used to see everyday. However, spending the weekend in Chicago has made me appreciate the sweet memories of Cambridge. And now! Well, here I am, exploring vibrant cities and discovering places where new memories will be created. It's a pretty sweet time in life. And perhaps a bit windy, but nothing that won't blow over.