November Delights List

November List

November List by knhale // 1. Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven // 2. Anthropologie Tea and Toast Butter Dish // 3. Williams Sonoma Holiday Toile Apron // 4. Scoutmob Walnut Bread Cutting Board // 5.  Anthropologie Avian Canopy Dinnerware // 6. Anthropologie Twinkle Lights Potholders // 7. Anthropologie Laguiole Cheese Knife Set // 8. Williams Sonoma Apple Spices Turkey Brine // 9. Williams Sonoma Le Creuset Silicone Cooking Tools Set // 10. Sorel Tremblant Moc // 11. Anthropologie Colorblock Cardi // 12. Anthropologie A Beautiful Mess Dishtowel // 13. Apothic Red Wine // 14. Anthropologie Made With Love Cookie Stamp // 15. Anthropologie Sorrento Platter //

Northern November.

This weather makes brings out all sorts of maternal instincts that I didn't really know I had. All I want to do is cozy up in my softest clothes and get to work in my kitchen, cooking savory stews and baking succulent treats. My oven has been working over time on all sorts of recipes, both experimental and age-old favorites. This list is a bit of what I have and a bit of what I WANT, to keep doing what I do! All of the above would make that Thanksgiving Day prep a lot more vibrant and memorable :)

When I get busy in the kitchen, I tend to hang out in my home clothes (my husband's hilarious term for comfy clothes), which includes something like the Sorel Tremblant Moc and an oversized sweater like this dreamy Anthropologie Colorblock Cardi, or anything that can be easily shed when the temperatures begin rising! And if I'm in dinner-time mode, there's always a good reason for popping open a bottle of your favorite table wine to smooth out the baking anxieties. I got a particular kick out of this dishtowel; I wonder if the gals over at A Beautiful Mess know that Anthro has a crush on them. Pretty legit. That's when you know your blog has ARRIVED. If I could be whipping up some of my Georgian recipes in anything Le Creuset, I would simply die and go to Heaven. We'll see if Santa is feeling particularly French this year.