Noel: Gift Guide For the Dapper Lad

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Dapper Light

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Dapper Light by knhale // 1. Allen Edmonds Shaker Heights Plain-toe Butcher Lace-up Men's Dress Boot // 2. Leatherman Juice C2 Tool // 3. Terrain Buffalo Plaid Trapper Hat // 4. Sundance Sojourner Socks // 5. Sundance Magnetic BBQ Tool Light // 6. Banana Republic Slim-Fit Checkered Luxe-brushed Twill Shirt // 7. Stanley Flask // 8. Terrain Boulder Mug // 9. Steinbeck Centennial Boxed Set  // 10. Williams Sonoma Agate Rimmed Coasters // 11. Terrain Popcorn Popper //

For the Dapper Lad.

He's your guy. And you want to get him something spectacular, but... he's a guy. Which means you can hardly read his mind and you're sure that he cannot read yours. So how to surprise him with something truly wonderful?

In my experience, gift shopping for men at Christmastime is the greatest challenge. Inheriting about a zillion brothers made me acutely aware of how little I actually know about the hobbies of the opposite sex. Over the years, I've learned a bit of bro talk (okay, not really), and had a bit more insight into the dude world. It's extremely different from the fluffy feminine gifts I like to buy. However, I've come to love gift shopping for my dad(s), brothers, and of course my husband. The above items could outfit and impress a range of different kinds of men, and I know that they would be a smashing success. How? Trial and error, my friends. Trial and error. So go ahead, reap from the benefits of some tried-and-true surefire GRAND Christmas gifts that your strong, funny, manly man will absolutely love.

Happy Gifting!