Here We Go!

Photo Credit: Nancy Hostetler

Feeling Grateful. And Hungry.

Oh life. Needless to say, I've been feeling a lot over the past several months. Nausea, exhaustion, cravings, yes. Crazy dreams and outbursts of sweat, sure. A ravenous appetite for bacon, it's true. But we will get to all of that. Even more than all of those things, I've been equally enamored with reflection and planning ahead for the future. It's amazing how a teeny, tiny second line on a test can cause you to evaluate everything - the home you live in, the career choices you've made, the relationships in which you invest. It's an incredible rush and also a daunting responsibility. I'm supposed to be ready to raise another human, but WOW I feel pretty inadequate to do so. I feel like I don't know enough bible verses. Or how to soothe a crying anything.

I'm sure everyone feels this way at first. I hope.

I just want to say thank you. I'm so grateful to everyone for the well-wishes and congrats on our little one, coming in August! Stevie and I are super excited and feeling really blessed. I'm currently at 13 weeks and still feeling rather puny, but I'm holding onto hope (shout out, E!) that the next several weeks will bring all the relief the second trimester promises. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement - it really means a lot!

Since this is the biggest change of our lives, I want to share about this journey here on the blog. Have no fear, all of you who loathe "mommy bloggers"! I don't intend to focus soley on pregnancy/baby-related topics. I still cook. Audition. Write. I still explore my city (well, let's be honest... I've been a couch potato for 3 months. I have high hopes to return to normal life again and explore!) Stevie and I still have aspirations to travel and goof off. Our obsession with visiting our families a million times a year will only be compounded by the fact that now, we have another reason to! All good things.

Thank you again for sharing in our joy. We are feeling the love :-)