Columbus Circle Romance: Robert

// The Columbus Circle Loop. And our view from the top! //

Getting Back Out There.

I took a couple of months off from life. When I found out I was pregnant, I was shocked. Then thrilled. Then ill. For quite some time. I have finally unearthed from my icy apartment and started exploring this wonderful city once again. One of the first places Stevie took me (to celebrate our being normal restaurant-goers once again, oh, and the kid coming our way) was to a restaurant in Columbus Circle called Robert.


Located on the 9th floor of the Museum of Arts & Design, this restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over Columbus Circle and the west side view of Central Park. Pretty legit. The restaurant itself is verrrrry hip, with darkened mood lighting, super modern furnishings and live tuneage played on the baby grand piano in the corner. Very "New York"-y. We had the best time being normal adults again. Like, laughing. And not wearing days-old pajamas (okay, to be fair, it was only me who did that). But just to marvel at this incredible city we live in - ah, it was just such FUN. I continually have these "aha" moments about living here in New York. I can't believe we are here. I can't believe I am actually auditioning and attempting to live my dream. It's probably a conversation for another time, but "living the dream" isn't always what you think it will be like. Ha. But this kind of restaurant ambiance is the perfect setting to have THOSE kinds of conversations. Aren't date nights the best when you can really talk and process with your best friend? Anyways, back to Rob.


The service was super outstanding - our waiter was so attentive and insisted that I shouldn't miss out on all the fun because I'm pregnant. He surprised me by bringing out (several) gorgeous, flowery virgin cocktails. So adorable and made me feel really special. It could have just been sparkling lemonade, but it made me feel like a lady again. And then they threw in free dessert! Such spectacular service.

// Sorry for the grainy photos - it was really dark in the restaurant! Check out the fancy lemonade they used in my pregnant-friendly cocktail - apparently it's available at Whole Foods, yumm. //


The food was decently good, though perhaps not totally outstanding if you're looking for really inventive cuisine. I would definitely recommend visiting for pre-dinner drinks or post-dinner dessert and coffee. The live music really makes it feel swanky, and looking out over the sparkly lights of Columbus Circle, well, that's doubly swanky. Make sure to reserve early on Opentable for a table by the window - those spots go weeks in advanced!

// A chilly walk home along the park. //

Walk in the Park.

All in all, if you're a New Yorker and haven't yet discovered Robert, it's a definite MUST. And if you're visiting, it's a decadent spot that captures all the charm of Upper West Side New York. Now go on, enjoy!