Fun Freebies

Fun & Free.

Last week was a divine retreat from reality. I escaped the bitter cold of Manhattan and spent some time bouncing around northern Florida (more details on that trip later!) If you're so over the continual snow storms (which have caused a nasty non-stop case of the winter blues), then take a moment here. Go get your pretty tea cup (yes, the really pretty one), brew a hot pot of flowery tea, and just enjoy ten minutes of bliss, browsing through some blissful things.

Some beautiful (FREE!) things/ideas/projects to brighten up your life:

Gorgeous Desktop Wallpapers (even for your iPhone!) from DesignLoveFest. I've been enjoying my computer SO much more since I set my background with the last floral design. So so happy.

Homemade Herbal Tea Face Mist from the always lovely Free People Blog. Have you poked around this blog yet? It's so breezy and cool, just like the brand. And this spring-y DIY is so easy. Ah.

- A bevy of 50+ Gorgeous & Free Wall Art Printables from Fab N' Free - all different design styles, just download, print, and load up your walls with some fresh inspiration! I don't know about you, but with all this snowy weather, I could definitely use some refreshing in my home. I chose the botanical prints :-)

More Fun Stuff.

- Also, I would really love to use this heavenly wallpaper in my bedroom. Think I could get my husband on board? Yeah, me neither. But still - so dreamy!

Creamy Pesto Avocado Sauce from neverhomemaker to be used on anything from burgers to pasta. Dear God, yes.

- I snagged this during its 24-hour free period, but I still think that this new tune from U2, "Invisible" is more than worth the $1.29 on iTunes. Get it here. Bono is a bonafide wordsmithing genius, right?

Hope your days are slowly becoming a little more springy. I hate to keep harping on the winter blues, but for today, just today, these lovely little things made me a little happier. Hope they did the same for you!