Baby Hale Gender Reveal.

Our gender reveal was outrageous. Our dear friends, Anthony and Jessica (along with a few other smug party planners), gave us an incredible party that we will never forget. They created festive decorations, baked delicious desserts (brownies with ice cream for Stevie, citrusy lemon bars for me PLUS additional cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and Sprinkles!), came up with hilarious celeb baby games and themed the entire event around my favorite Dr. Seuss book. They even sneakily invited both sets of our parents to enjoy the surprise (unbenounced to us), by Facetiming them in for the big reveal. That really added a personal touch, because our parents really wanted to be part of it. It was the perfect way to find out our baby's gender. Anthony and Jess, we are so SO thankful to you for creating this beautiful party that will always live in our memory. Like always.

The photos truly say it ALL.

A few iPhone snapshots:

Photo Credits: Deborah Choi, Bronte Hughes, & Dara Adeeyo.

It's a Boy!

But best of all? Finding out that the banana-sized baby inside of me is A BOY. Oh my goodness. I literally know nothing about little boys. I come from an all-girl household. As in, even my father watched Calamity Jane with us. (That man deserves a medal of honor. When Stevie comes home to visit, my dad kind of squashes him into a bear hug that always lasts a smidge longer than is conventionally normal.) But oh my. A baby boy. We are beyond thrilled. I know everybody says it, but we would have been thrilled with a boy or a girl. It's just that I had this feeling. This boyish feeling. So did Stevie. So we dressed for our guess (and our guest!!) But now, it's just so incredibly fun to actually know and begin making plans. Blue plans. Muahahaha.

Well, that's as priceless as it gets. Enough of my glee for now. Any advice for upcoming parents of a bodacious BOY??