March Delights List

March List...

March List... by oykristen // 1. Free People Clipperton Fedora // 2. Kirklands Peach Peony Bush // 3. Kate Spade New York Giverny Floral Scarf // 4. Anthropologie Monogram Quagga Sweater // 5. Oh, Joy! for Target Garden Party Essentials // 6. Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile with Lavender Tea // 7. Etsy Gold-Wire Heartbeat Necklace // 8. Dolce Vita Caitlynn Booties // 9. Maybelline Baby Lips Balm in Oh, Orange! // 10. Marc Jacobs DTM Bolts Leather Bracelet //  

My Marchin List.

Oh, March. You haven't quite ushered in the spring (not by a long shot), but you've brought something quietly different with your patchy presence. You've invited the birds back to my window in the early morning, you've managed to convince the toughened snow to relax a bit, you've made me actually believe there is a change coming. Bless you. Instead of wishing and hoping for April and May, I really want to enjoy this transitional month. In New York, the weather will probably remain in the twenties for most of the month, but there are the slightest telltale signs all around... January and February are definitely gone. And March brings a certain sweet air that can only be appreciated after about 15 torrential snowstorms in a row. March, I welcome you with an armful of gratitude.

// 1. Free People Clipperton Fedora

- Ah, yes please. This floppy fedora is such a fun way to hide bedhead and totally melts into any season's wardrobe. 

// 2. Kirklands Peach Peony Bush

- My dear peonies! I carried this adorable blossom down the aisle at my wedding, so I have a super soft spot in my heart for this joyful flower. They are truly the peppiest, softest flower... you just want to wash your face with them.

// 3. Kate Spade New York Giverny Floral Scarf

- The obsession with Kate continues. This scarf makes me want to go back to France NOW. Cuz we never made it out to Giverny. But apparently, this is what those florals would look like. You know, on a scarf.

// 4. Anthropologie Monogram Quagga Sweater

- Okay, this is just happy. Although we WANT to believe spring is right around the corner, it's still too chilly to be pulling out the tanks and shorts. This sweater is a whimsical way to welcome the incoming season without shedding too many clothes.

// 5. Oh, Joy! for Target Garden Party Essentials

- If you are like me, you are counting down the days until this party line hits Target on March 16. Oh yes! I wish I had a fun party to plan sometime in the near future, because I would be buying up a storm! Oh Joy! is one of my favorite bloggers, and now she's done and taken over Target, too. This line is going to sell out so fast!

// 6. Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile with Lavender Tea

- I've said it once and I'll say it again: this is the best tea. On the planet. The layer of lavender adds just the right amount of honeyed-sweetness that keeps you coming back for one, two, ten more sips. Up here in the north, it's still tea time!

/ 7. Etsy Gold-Wire Heartbeat Necklace

- Oh my word, I died when I saw this sweet necklace. I WANT. It's a gorgeous and dainty illustration of an EKG heartbeat. After hearing my little one's heartbeat, I have a whole new joy for the miracle of such a small, soft sound. 

// 8. Dolce Vita Caitlynn Booties

- Sassy, sassy. And just right for spring. Can't pull out the sandals yet, but this bootie will transition nicely into the warmer months.

// 9. Maybelline Baby Lips Balm in Oh, Orange!

- My new fave balm. I especially love the pop of non-traditional color. And the non-Sephora price.

// 10. Marc Jacobs DTM Bolts Leather Bracelet

- Seriously, Marc Jacobs? You know how to get it just right. This cuff is the perfect mix of fun and edgy. And super easy to mix with any arm jewelry you want.

What are you March musts? How are you prepping for the spring weather?