Pregnancy App Must Haves

Pregnancy App Must Haves

Pregnancy App Must Haves by oykristen // 1. Baby Bump Pregnancy App // 2. Foods to Avoid Pregnancy App // 3. Period Tracker App // 4. Babycenter Pregnancy App // 5. Sprout Pregnancy App // 6. What to Expect Pregnancy App // 

Getting App Happy.

Being pregnant with the power of an iPhone is really spectacular. I have information available to me at ALL TIMES - those midnight treks to the bathroom, those 3am peanut butter and jelly cravings, those 5am wake up baby kicks... (um, is anyone else nocturnal during their pregnancy, or is it just me?) Having my smartphone stocked with useful apps has made all of those semi-inconvenient, in-the-dark moments a bit more comforting. Instead of blurred-eye Googling, "How many ounces of water am I supposed to drink a day??", I can just read my apps. What a pleasure. Below are my faves.

1. Baby Bump Pregnancy App

I love this app because of its simplicity. You merely type in your due date and it calculates your pregnancy timeline, delivering tailored information each day. I especially like to read Stevie the "Tips for Dads" section, although he is less than thrilled to get preached at. In his defense, the "Tips for Dads"are always chock-full of stuff like, "Rub her feet!", "Buy her jewelry!", "Get her a pregnancy massage!" I get a big kick out of it. And he rolls his eyes. Drat.

2. Foods to Avoid Pregnancy App

I used this app a lot during the 1st trimester, when I was paranoid about food and unsure about pretty much everything. I've relaxed a bit more and don't really feel the need to look up different foods these days (the day my doc said I could have pastrami sandwiches as long as they were hot, I was GOOD). Thankfully, a lot of the soft cheeses that used to be off-limits for pregnant ladies are now pasteurized, so they don't post such a risk. However, its still good to check the app, ask high-maintenance questions at restaurants and get a feel for the do's and don't of cooking, eating, and (lets just be honest), ordering.

3. Period Tracker App

Using this app is a great way to track your period and your ovulation. If you're into that kind of thing. I've actually been using this for years to keep up with my cycle and it's gotten to be ridiculously accurate for me (sidenote - I love going into the doctor and immediately knowing the answer to their questions about the dates/length of my cycle. It feels like you get a gold star!) I'm not implying that every woman needs to keep track of that info, but I found it to be super helpful. And then when I suspected I was pregnant, I checked this app everyday, counting the days backward from my period and... doing the math. Ha. When I say it's accurate, I MEAN IT.

4. Babycenter Pregnancy App

This app has grown on me. I didn't use it much during the 1st trimester, but I've begun checking it everyday for the helpful healthy-living advice. Much like the Baby Bump app, it has a detailed timeline and tracks your pregnancy progression, and all the info is specific to the week/day of your pregnancy. This app also offers a checklist for doctors questions, a registry guide and a baby kick tracker.

5. Sprout Pregnancy App

This app is free for the first 12 weeks during your pregnancy, which is when I enjoyed using it. After that, you have to pay $2.99 to upgrade to the full version. I opted out of moving on to the "next level" with this app, because I had so many others that I preferred to use (for free!) However, if you like realistic, almost graphic illustrations of what the baby looks like in the womb, then this is the app for you. I am not a science gal, so those pictures kinda freaked me out. If you don't want to imagine your baby as an alien, proceed with caution.

6. What to Expect Pregnancy App

I was recommended by a lot of gals NOT to read this book because of its excessive fear-inducing information. But I have loved the app! It's probably my favorite one to check. It provides daily tips and blog posts full of useful information aimed for your specific time period during pregnancy. It also has weekly 3-minute videos that describe exactly what's happening inside your body that week. I feel like I have learned so much from those little videos! Seriously. I even love the background music. It gives me something to look forward to watching every Sunday (nerd alert).

For all your pregnant ladies out there, are there any apps that you have found particularly useful? Mamas, have any advice on other apps that we should look into? 

Happy apping!