SPRING BREAK 2014: Orlando & St. Augustine

Spring Break.

The Sunshine. My nephew and his brand-new little sis. Relaxation. Faux cocktails. What do all these things have in common? Pure Heaven, that's what. I had the privilege to tag along on my husband's work trip last week. Well, actually, the conversation went more like this:

Him: I've got a week-long work conference in Orlando.

Me: Um, I'm gonna need to join you.

Him: Tickets might be kinda expensive to fly you down there...


So yeah. There was no way I was gonna stick around this town to watch another TWO snow storms blow by (which totally happened). When instead I could take a vacation to the sun. And since it was suuuuuper close, we added onto our vaycay and spent the weekend in St. Augustine, where we got to celebrate my nephew Oliver turning four! I remember when he was a tiny little babe, and now he's big enough to run away from my photographing him. That boy. At least I can still outrun him (for now.)

Getting Real.

I don't think I really realized how hard this winter has been. But on the first day, when I stripped down to my bathing suit and felt the sun warm my pasty skin... I realized how challenging the dark, snowy New York winter has been. Maybe being pregnant and emotional has something to do with it. But this has been the toughest winter I've ever had. It's been a challenge to stay positive, encouraged and motivated, even though I've had the privilege of living in my dream city. Taking this little break down to warmer climate wasn't just for funsies - I realized it was really necessary to re-charge my mindset and let the warmth seep from my skin into my... well, soul? Sounds really silly, but I'm being for real.

It was the dreamiest week. I laid by the pool and SLEPT. And guzzled lemonade. And read baby books. And then when we headed to St. Augustine, I played with my sisters babies and died and went to Heaven.

// I lounged at the hotel during the week. Even made a little friend (lizard, top left). //

// We hit the arcade for my nephew's 4-year birthday celebration. Gotta be honest, we all REALLY enjoyed it. (See the adult in the top left, "Shooting bad guys"). //

// Don't freak out, it's fake beer. But it tasted soooo good. We enjoyed a date night at The Pub Orlando. If you visit (which you should!), get the Welsh Pretzel Au Jus Sandwich! //

// This kid. Seriously, he's so so perfect. //

// Had the best time bonding with this little sweetheart! I miss cuddling with her already. My big sis pretty much schooled me on babies all weekend long. Like, I CHANGED DIAPERS. And did all kinds of jiggling, wiggling, wrangling, cooing and baby-talk to soothe this little one when necessary. //

// There's nothing like the mossy terrain of the northern Florida coast. Dreamy. //

// So sad to leave. For so many reasons. //

The Maturity.

Instead of whining and complaining about leaving... I chose to just be grateful for a week of bliss. Hahahahaaaaaaa did you just believe that? Stevie definitely had to pep talk me about how I need to be grateful and focus on the positive. And not weep for my kin. So... yeah. Still working on that attitude.

Thank you Lord for creating a mossy, mighty land called Florida. And for Spring Break. And for sneaking away for a delight moment in the sun.