6 Month Bump Update

6-Month Bump-date.

What a great weekend! The sun finally came out and shone down us us, FINALLY. Praise the Lord, there is still a sun in the sky. After this never-ending winter, I wasn't so sure anymore. But it has been the happiest weekend of reconnecting with old friends (that's not a metaphor for the sun, we had actual friends in town, too). And in the midst of so much wonderfulness, I have reached an epic 6-month mark in my pregnancy. My oh my, this child has GROWN. It was like he started kicking and then all the sudden I realized how incredibly long he is! I can feel him kicking way down low (if you know what I'm saying) and then I feel him punching up in my ribs. That's a wide expanse! He's really taken up residence inside of me and now he's requesting that I add on. Also, my belly button is weirdly half-out. Stevie felt it last night and squeamishly said to me, "Your belly button feels weird..." Yes, dear, I know it does, BUT YOU DID THIS TO ME. Then I made him rub my feet.

My sweet sister came to town and was kind enough to take these semi-awkward pictures of me and Stevie. We don't get too many pics together. Why awkward? Well, everywhere we go these days, Stevie likes to announce to our environment that HIS WIFE IS PREGNANT. "Excuse me sir-on-the-street, my wife is pregnant." "Hello, restaurant hostess, can we have the best table? My wife is pregnant." On the phone to the pizza guy, "Well, let me check on that ingredient with my 6-months-pregnant wife, just a moment." So when Rachel whipped out the camera and he knelt down on the street to kiss my belly IN PUBLIC, I decided to draw the line. You just can't. Do that. In public.

// Silly sistas. //

The Progress:

I love how Jenny over at Jenny Highsmith has been doing baby bump updates during her pregnancy. Here's mine:

How Far Along: 6 months (24 weeks)

Gender: Boy!

Name: He's got one! Check back later this week for his name reveal :)

Sleeping? Ish. I've been waking up a lot at 3 or 4am, unable to fall back asleep. And then by 10am I am ready for the mother of all naps. It's an odd little schedule that I've stumbled into. I guess it's prepping me for those all-night feedings!

Eats: Everything. I like eating, and I have throughout this entire pregnancy. The urge for tons of protein hasn't worn off, but I'm sad to admit that my sweet cravings have increased over the past month. I'm trying my best to not to give into every craving, but lately, cupcakes and lemonade and Pinkberry have been taunting me. It's dangerous to live in a city where EVERYTHING DELIVERS. I shouldn't have so much access.

Emotional Check: I am. Emotional. But especially at night. Stevie keeps trying to have these deep conversations post-9pm and I just can't handle it.

Movement: Like I mentioned earlier, this kid is moving and kicking like crazy. Sometimes he wakes me up early in the morning with his kicking, sometimes he won't let me fall asleep because he's so active. It's kind of started to interfere with my normal routine (hello, wonderful world of children!), but my sister gave me some excellent advice. She said that in order to get the baby to change positions, get on all fours and do the "Cat-Cow" yoga move. My sister is a total guru because THIS WORKS. And I've been able to fall asleep more easily since I started doing this little move. Thank you, genius big sister. I wish the whole world had one of you.

Looking Forward to: Warm weather! I'm ready to retire my boots and jeans and wear more comfortable clothing. Cotton dresses, this rapidly-expanding belly is ready for your ease!

This guy. He just kills me. I hear his wife is pregnant.