7-Month Bumpdate

7-Month Bumpdate!

Well, Happy Memorial Day, folks! I hope your weekend has been splendid :)

We are currently driving down to the beach for a fun family vacation - I can't wait to put my feet up and soak in some rays for SIX DAYS IN A ROW.

can't believe I am 7.5 months pregnant. I felt like I was stuck at the 4-month mark for quite a long time... and yet here we are! The belly is growing fast, I have a crazy line running down the middle of my abdomen, and this little one inside of me has decided to take up kickboxing as his first sport. More like kickmommy.

The Progress.

I love how Jenny over at Jenny Highsmith has been doing baby bump updates during her pregnancy. Here's mine:

How Far Along: 7.5 months (30 weeks!)

Gender: Boy!

Name: Everett Lee Hale. Ahh I just love typing it!

Sleeping? Yes, thanks to my handy-dandy new pillow that I lovingly refer to as "my leach baby". It grosses Stevie out like crazy, but the brand is literally called Leachco (find it here!), and you know me, once I get a schtick its reeeeal hard to let it go. Beat that dead horse and such. I held out for SO LONG on buying a pregnancy pillow because I knew it wouldn't fit in our queen-size without someone getting kicked out of bed (Stevie, duh), so I kindly deferred purchasing. Well, things changed. I started waking up angry, feeling robbed of my sleep for weeks on end. Which resulted in a sleep-deprived, panic-stricken flurry of Amazon Prime purchases, one of which was this gigantic, larger-than-a-human, snake-like pillow. You know. My leach baby.

Eats: Trying to eat healthy, but it seems that my taste buds have shifted again. Salad is the enemy. I wish everyone would stop trying to feed it to me. I KNOW I should be scarfing down tons of greens at this point, but I detest salad. I caught a whiff of kale last night and gagged. Trying to add it in other ways, like green smoothies and homemade kale chips. In the mean time, I just really enjoy berries. And pizza. Burgers with avocado. Tacos. Yeah okay I see why everyone keeps trying to feed me salad.

Emotional Check: Doing pretty good, especially since I am still in the midst of processing the fact that we are moving this month and having a baby in less than 3 months. Oh, and we have to buy a car, figure out a childbirth class and you know, prepare for the babe. I currently have one package of diapers. Yikes.

Movement: ATHLETE. That's all I have to say. Because the twirls, twists, kicks and just overall stature of this child is seriously my entertainment. Gross details? Okay. At the end of every night, I roll up my shirt and just watch my belly dance. I'm not bellydancing, I'm watching my belly dance. Because clearly this is the time Everett chooses to exercise. He really knows how to put on a show.

Looking Forward to: Decorating his nursery! I have literally bought ONE THING for my child (this custom-made name print by Jenny Highsmith). I don't know anyone who has waited this long to begin the "nesting" phase of their pregnancy, but I truly haven't had the space to store baby gear of ANY kind in this tiny NYC apartment. After we move to Atlanta, I am really looking forward to putting together his sweet little baby space (let's be honest, the nursery is going to be more like MY ROOM), and letting myself shop a bit for him :)

I hope you have the happiest, sunniest holiday ringing in the superior summer season.