36-Week Bumpdate

36-Week Bumpdate

Here we are! A month away from our son's due date - SAY WHAT?!!? We are now on a weekly countdown instead of a monthly - and let me tell you, A LOT has changed since last week. I'm feeling even huge-er (because I am) and more waddle-y (because I am). These are the precious moments of pregnancy.

The Progress.

How Far Along: 36 weeks

Gender: MALE.

Name: Everett Lee Hale

Sleeping? Ha. I was up EVERY HOUR last night. My nocturnal naps are punctuated by pee breaks.

Eats: I had some GOOD pulled barbeque sandwiches this week. Yes, multiple times. Don't judge it. Also - the ice cream craving has returned. And I really want it in a waffle cone. Oooh yeah.

Wearing: Guys, it's getting hard to dress myself. As in, I wore the same outfit three times this week because it was the only one that I felt good in. Stevie found me some of his most gigantic Puma pajama pants and, thankfully, that has made evening lounge time MUCH more comfy (and also, I have been deemed the family thug.) We are past the "this feels snug"-point, and we have entered the "everything is cutting off my stomach's circulation!"-point. It's a really special time.

Exercise: I am still swimming! And walking, although I've had a weird sensation down low in my belly when I walk in the evenings. Stevie and I try to take a walk post-dinner, but I almost feel like my belly "drops" throughout the day, so my evening walks have turned into sloooooww waddles. The other night Stevie put on flip flops instead of tennis shoes, and that made me realize... this really isn't exercise for him anymore. And it really is for me. How far we've come from our days logging miles around the reservoir in Central Park. I'll try to stop weeping and keep writing.

Emotional Check: I'm feeling good! My friend Jordan just had her baby this week, and it was a big "whoa!" moment for me. Like, the baby inside of me HAS A FACE. And little, distinct features. It's just blowing my mind. But as much as I am excited to meet him, I am not ready for him to come. Stay in there, man! Keep doing what you're doing! I just want as much time to prepare for him as possible.

Movement: It's like. A mountain. In my belly. That moves. It is the craziest sensation, I wish I had a better description for it. Also, two days ago a pain arrived in the small of my back. It won't leave. I'm assuming this has to do with my body prepping for labor, as well. Have I said it enough yet? PRECIOUS MOMENTS IN THE MAKING HERE.

Looking Forward to: Finishing our birthing class! This weekend we are in all-day Saturday Hypnobirthing sessions, finishing up our learning of the tools and techniques this method encourages. Also, I'm looking forward to finishing up all our purchases for him. And getting everything set up. We are almost there, but not quite.

Feeling Accomplished: Because, 1. I ordered the Medela breast pump through my insurance company, and it finally arrived this week! 2. The car seat we ordered arrived yesterday, and I'm hoping that the stroller/crib mattress/etc. items are heading our way soon! 3. We've been meeting with different pediatricians, and we are hoping to land on a practice that we feel awesome about. 4. Finishing up my water birthing class today! 5. Working on the birth plan.

Prayer Requests: An on-time (not early!) labor/delivery. And perhaps a few awesome nights of rest before this little guy makes his appearance. Also - this is a big one - our Canon SLR camera decided to stop working THIS WEEK. We are praying it magically turns back on, because I really want good pictures of my newborn! Ah! So prayers that our camera starts working again would be AWESOME.

Thank you!

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