37-Week Bumpdate

37-Week Bumpdate

It's all happening, people. These last few weeks of pregnancy are really something. It feels like all my emotions and physical feelings are heightened. Even though I feel heavier than ever (um, because I am), and more uncomfortable and tired, I also feel strangely exhilarated, anticipating my impending labor experience. It's about to get really REAL. I just hope I'm ready.

The Progress.

How Far Along: 37 weeks, woohoo!

Gender: MALE.

Name: Everett Lee Hale

Sleeping? Finally, I am taking nap after nap this week without shame. I've had a hard time napping in the past because I just feel like I'm wasting time. But this week, the tiredness has hit a new high (or low?), and I have just given in. It's amazing how a 1-hour afternoon nap can really power me through the rest of the day.

Eats: Let's talk about coconut milk. Man, it's so delicious! My grocery store was out of almond milk, so I thought I would give the coconut a try. Success! It's like an Aloha in every bowl. Been having it with cereal, granola and fruit. It's also been a good midnight snack accessory :)

Wearing: Officially, about half of my maternity shirts are too short. For instance, yesterday I fumbled my way out of a darling tea shop in Atlanta (where my mom and sis & I enjoyed an impromptu tea party!) As I walked to the car, a man smoking a cigarette on the side of the street hollered at me, half-laughing, "Any day now, huh?" And I chuckled and replied, "Oh yeah, any day!" He looked at me sort of strangely and I just kept walking. People are SO INTERESTED in pregnant women, so I've gotten used to comments about my roundness. But as I kept walking, I felt a slight breeze cooling my belly and I looked down. Half my stomach was hanging out of the bottom of my tank top. HALF MY STOMACH WAS SHOWING. Oh dear God, I am that sloppy pregnant woman. Walking down the streets of Atlanta. Baring myself. I hollered at my mom and sister, "Dear Lord, you have GOT to help a sister out! Tell me when I'm flashing the world my linea nigra!!!!!!" They just died laughing and practically peed their pants in the street, claiming they didn't notice because they were walking ahead of me. Which they were, because I don't walk anymore, I waddle. I almost died of pregnant embarrassment.

Most Ignorant Comments of the Week (all from strangers): 

- Woman sashaying by me in Walmart, "Mmm, don't sneeze too hard, honey."And she just kept walking. No conversation needed.

- Woman at the Belk makeup counter, "You having a boy? He's hanging LOW. Boys like it down there, no matter what age they are, huh??" I almost vomited.

- Girl in an SUV, driving past me in a parking lot (about 6 feet away), windows down, points to me and yells to everyone in the car, "Look, that girl's about to pop!" Um, your window is down. I CAN HEAR YOU.

- Lesson learned? Avoid going out in public. Because apparently Everett and I are some kind of circus act.

Exercise: It's been a bit cooler in Atlanta this week (thank goodness!), so the swimming has been a chilly thought. I've started doing my squats again. And kegels. And now that I think about it, not much else. Now I'm inspired to take a walk... anyone wanna go with me? Stevie's given up on my "exercise", I think it bores him to tears.

Emotional Check:  I feel really good this week. My midwife complemented my abdomen's "muscle tone" (say whaaat? Where?!), and said the babe is in the perfect position for delivery. I'm feeling a bit more "ready", since I've completed my water birth and hypnobirthing classes (check and check!) And all sorts of packages have started to arrive! Our last minute purchases - the baby's mattress, the stroller, crib sheets, playard sheets, etc. All of these things are making me feel like we are almost prepared for him to arrive. I know we don't NEED to have his bedroom all perfect and ready, but it will definitely help my state-of-mind.

Movement: Oh Everett. I have just started talking to him when he moves like Jagger. "Okay, little one, stay in there today, we aren't finished with your room yet, and mommy wants to buy you a few more clothes... STAY IN THERE." Things of that nature.

Best Advice of the Week: Comes from my dearie sis-in-law Katie. I mentioned to her that I've been having more contractions (like, in the middle of lunchtime at Zoe's Kitchen) and I reeeeeeeallly don't want this baby to come early. It's had me a bit on edge. She suggested that I start drinking 100 ounces of water every day. Supposed to help cut down the false labor because it hydrates that wonderful muscle, the uterus. And it has helped! That girl. She knows about hydration.

Looking Forward to: Saturday! It's our "finish everything for the baby"-day. Putting together the pack'n'play, unpacking our strollers, rearranging the furniture in the baby room, hanging pictures - everything! I will have more to share next week when his room is aaaaaalll ready!

Feeling Accomplished: Because, 1. I completed my waterbirth class, 2. I completed my Hypnobirthing Class, 3. I'm making progress on my pediatrician hunt, 4. I'm preregistered at the hospital, 5. My breast pump arrived in the mail! Um, learning how to use that strange contraption will be another to-do entirely... 6. Meeting with our fabulous doula this week all about the birthing expectations!

Praise Report! OUR CAMERA HAS BEEN HEALED. Resurrected! Back to life! Bless the Lord. Thank you to all of you who prayed last week! I took my Canon to Best Buy and begged the guy to tell me that the real reason behind the deadness was the battery. Please sir, please... tell me it's just the battery! I had checked the battery and it didn't seem to be the problem, but I had my fingers crossed... Alas, Best Buy had no battery tester, but they sent me to another store (did you know there is such a thing as a Batteries Plus? A store just for batteries!) and they tested it... AND IT WAS DEAD. He put in a new battery and my sweet Canon returned to "ON"... I almost cried. I jumped up and down. The guy was like, "Whooooaaa lady, keep that baby in there." The best news. Now I can photograph my baby. And now the blog photos can return to quality. I'M SO HAPPY.

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