Maternity Photos with Sarah Massie!

Maternity Photos with Sarah Massie.

I debated on whether or not to invest in professional maternity photos. Along with all the other crazy expenses associated with having a baby (and moving!), I knew it wasn't really a priority, especially since Stevie and I have done a pretty elaborate job photographing this growing belly bump! However, when I got a call from sweet Sarah Massie, an old friend and an awesome photographer, asking if she could photograph me and Stevie, I was thrilled. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

This gal is a genius. She came over and shot me and Stevie so quickly (it was seriously under an hour) and we got some amazing photos out of it! I am so pleased with the shoot because these photos are just so "us", taken amongst all the charming summer greenery at my parents' house. It will be so fun to put them in a book and remember this awesome time in our lives.

// His: Banana Republic Shirt, Lucky Jeans, Allen Edmonds Boots; Hers: Free People Dress, Frye Boots; Baby Shoes: Carters and Freshly Picked Mocs (Courtesy of the Spicknalls and Hunts - thanks for making our baby so stylin'!) //

Keeping the Memory.

I was 32 weeks when these photos were taken, and my oh my, it's wild to realize just how much I've grown since then! A lot happens in the 3rd trimester! So grateful to Sarah for capturing this sweet transitional moment in time for me and Stevie. We have enjoyed our past 7 years together so immensely, where we've had the privilege to go to school, travel, live in different cities, discover our career interests and honestly, just live selfishly. Now, as we're entering the season of parenthood, I really do want to remember this 9-month period of preparation that is bridging the gap from our old life into our new one! I'm sure there will be moments when the transition is a bit painful, but we are baby stepping (yes, terrible pun intended) our way into this new season. For more photos and fun, you can follow along on my instagram

Unfortunately for all you Atlanta folks, Sarah is currently located in Colorado Springs. However, she comes back to GA often (!), so if you're interested in booking a session with her, feel free to reach out at for her portfolio, travel schedule & booking rates.