Halloween Shenanigans.

Halloween Shenanigans.

I have never been trick or treating before. Until Friday night.

My parents (and surprisingly, also Stevie's parents) weren't into celebrating Halloween back in the day. They didn't agree with the origins of the holiday, and so instead of encouraging us to dress up and trick or treat, we often enjoyed the day as a family in a different way. Many times, my mom would check us out of school and we would have a fun day going to the movies or a museum. My parents really made the day special so that my sisters and I didn't feel like we were missing out on something that all our friends were talking about. I love that about my parents. They really stuck to their guns and raised us in a way that felt right to them. They aren't the kind to cave into peer pressure. It is a really great example that they set.

So is it wrong that I still wanted to dress up my baby as a tiny little fox for Halloween this year?

I absolutely. Could NOT. Resist.

My parents shook their heads at me. Until I showed them these pictures.

Foxes. Are so in.

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to dress Everett up as a baby fox. Because. Well, foxes are VERY in for baby boys. They are all over toysgear & clothing this fall. And since apparently I'm a mega sucker for tot trends, it was decided then and there, in that Target aisle, that we shall be a fox family for Halloween. Mad props to my stylist sister, who helped me concoct the costumes for this grand event. Though when I handed Stevie the sparkly hair paint so that he could be the patriarchal "silver fox", I'll admit he put up more than a little resistance. But I just told him I would dress as a vixen and most of the argument ended. Little did he know that I would be the most wholesome, COVERED vixen ever to tread such ground. Heh. Plus! I had already bought Everett a little fox onesie! And it can't be returned! Tags had been removed! Muahahhaa. Call me the sly fox, thank you very much.

I made our ears and tails by (loosely) following this amazing tutorial. Gosh Pinterest is full of so many goodies when it comes to costume creation. I'll admit that as the countdown to Halloween was impending and I was still unshowered, teeth unbrushed and haphazardly choking on faux fur, I might have resorted to just stapling our bits of tail parts together. Forgoing the much studier hot glue situation. Oh well, it all worked. Other than Everett loathed his ears, so they only lasted for the pictures. And only a few of them.

// Toothpaste, Gingerbreadwoman & the sweetest Turtle I ever saw. //

// Kitty cats and Dinosaurs. With quite a bit of pizazz. :) //

// In all our costumed glory. //

"Trick or Treat!"

We trick or treated in an adorable Mayberry-esque neighborhood with all of Stevie's brothers and sisters, parents, and of course, our awesome nieces and nephews. We went before the creepiness of dark was upon us, and we were already done with the thrill of candy rush by about 7pm. It was pretty perfect. I love this family that I am so privileged to be part of. And my parents and his parents? They've relaxed a whooooole lot about the Halloween shenanigans. In the words of my darling mother, "We did what we thought was best for you. And now you do what you think is best with Everett."

Well, I think a little baby fox is perhaps the best thing I've ever seen. Of course, I haven't dressed him up as Santa yet. OH THE THINGS TO COME.