The 11th Day: Holiday Fun at The Georgia Aquarium!

The 11th Day of Christmas: Holiday Fun at The Georgia Aquarium!

It's a double-post kind of day! I don't love posting blogs on Sundays, because that's our family day (we kind of take a social media strike), so today I will post the 11th and 10th days of Christmas posts!

Got guests in town for the holidays? Or are you looking for something to do with your kiddos while its friggin' freezing outside? If you're one of my Atlanta homies, you have got to take a field trip to The Georgia Aquarium. Seriously. First of all, IT'S WARM INSIDE. And of course, the fish are cool, too. And maybe, just maybe, the aquatic mystique will work on your baby and they will sleep in their stroller the entire time like mine did! (Now you see why I'm recommending this - all you new mamas, go, go, GO! You can't run fast enough!)

We visited a few weeks ago with friends who were in town from London (doesn't it sound fancy to have friends from London? THEY ARE FANCY.) and we were excited to show them and their sweet little girl Atlanta's fine aquarium. I had no idea how much our baby (only 3+ months at the time!) and their little girl (14 months) would enjoy the whole experience. I mean, I just thought that Everett might be too little to really grasp any of it. However, both of the littles especially loved the Dolphin Tales Show - they were completely engaged during the entire 30 minutes of it! The exhibits are awesome for kiddos of all ages (um, hello, we loved it), and there is a lot to see so it is definitely a full-day activity.

My personal favorites were the beluga whales (so peaceful, it's like watching a ballet), the otters (I think that's my spirit animal), and of course, the gigantic whale sharks (they will grow to be as big as a bus!) The area that was most enchanting to me was the stroll through the Ocean Voyager exhibit, where you literally experience what it's like to be a tiny fish in the great blue sea. Sitting in front of that incredible window, just watching the whales sail by - well, there's nothing like it. Absolutely nothing. We sat there for a long long time, quietly, just taking in the engulfing view.

Just a note, the Georgia Explorer exhibit is closed for repairs until early 2015. But I promise, it didn't cramp our style.

// This. the.whole.time. //

// Miss these three so much already. //

// "Say Cheese, Everett!!!" Hi response: "Zzzzz..." //

// We found Nemo! //

This is definitely an excellent family day date, special enough to warrant a visit on the holidays. And right now, the Aquarium has really turned itself into a celebrating oceanic affair! From SCUBA Claus to the underwater Menorah, there are some really special holiday-themed exhibits and events taking place, which the littles will adore. And you will find yourself secretly digging, too.

Have you visited the aquarium during the holidays before? Let me know if you take a trip and comment back about your favorite exhibit!

And be sure to check back later today for another gift guide! Xox