The 1st Day: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Friends!

Oh, there has never been such a time as this! I hope this day is filled with so much love and joy that your heart practically bursts. I pray that your loved ones find unity, even in matters that always seems to divide. I pray that all the wishes in your heart, no matter how big or small, are acknowledged by those who cherish you. I pray that you can pull your loved ones close, smell their hair and feel their skin and soak up the reverent moments you have with them. I pray that you can articulate all the words you feel for them. The wonderful reasons why you adore them. I pray that if you are far away from the ones you love, you have the opportunity to take a moment, look up at the sky, and know that they are blanketed by the same good God above who loves you immensely. I pray that this holiday marks a turning point into the best year of your life yet. May this day be cozy, silly, sweet and most of all - memorable. I really do wish that for you.

I want to thank you for reading along with me over the course of this year. It's been a stellar journey and all your encouragement and support has been so appreciated - more than you will ever know. I hope this blog continues to be a little corner that you visit every now and again for a bit of inspiration and a good laugh. I am going to be taking a few weeks off from the blog to enjoy some much needed time with my little family. You can still find me here, probably over-exposing my joyful antics. I look forward to even more fun & rewarding content here on the blog in the new year. See you in mid-January!

All Photos by Rachel Koontz.

From our little family to yours, Merry Christmas!