The 3rd Day: Memories of Christmas Past.

Memories of Christmas Past.

I'm just gonna go ahead and admit that this is my FAVORITE post of all the countdown to Christmas posts this year. One of the benefits of moving back home has been going through my mom's old photo albums and digging up the hilarious/precious/atrocious photos of the past. When I was growing up, my parents were really good about photographing Christmas especially, because it was SUCH a big deal in our family. They worked really hard to give us beautiful, outrageous Christmases. I was a blessed little girl. I wanted to share some of the photos from these past Christmases of my life, because, well, they are pretty awesome. And looking through these photos really does spark the memory of the moment.

My second Christmas. Despite what the pillow states.

Can we talk about my parents here. THOSE GLASSES. Warby Parker would be proud.

I don't think the cookies were my gift. And yet.


My family holds a high value for bath robes. Clearly, that indoctrination started early.

Also, my sister is wearing pearls. SUCH A GIRL FAMILY.

I can't ever remember my mom having her nails painted like this. That phase must have ended with the 80's.

The year I was in a kid's choir and our Christmas special was ON TV. Little did I know, it would be the peak of my fame.

The year I got my American Girl doll. I begged for that thing for a full year. I especially love my little sister's face, because she was anticipating it almost as much as me. PRICELESS.

The year me and my younger sis knew all our gifts.

Can you tell? I mean, we knew ALL OF THEM. Such little fakers.

Christmas Future.

I mean, this just makes me smile. Being a new parent this year, I am inspired all the more to capture the important moments that Everett is experiencing. In just two days he will be celebrating his FIRST Christmas and we will be on our own parental journey of continuing the tradition of over-photographing, probably over-gifting, and overly-enjoying the joy of surprising kids on Christmas. Hip hip hooray, the day is almost here!