DIY Coconut Lime Ginger Sugar Scrub.

DIY Coconut Lime Ginger Sugar Scrub.

My sister Rachel has been getting crafty lately. I have practically no capacity in my own life for craftiness - no time AND no energy for such things. But Rachel has been baking, DIY-ing, fancifying her gift wrap, hand-lettering, the works. I am a bit jealous of all the creative energy she is able to exert. I would just like to have enough oomph in me to whip up a happy cocktail. But alas. Too much work. Haha this coming from a bit of a burned out new mom. But! Rachel is a senior in college, and I am really happy that she has found such a healthy way to blow off a bit of steam from school. Being creative is one of the best ways to cope with all that school pressure. And watching her be creative? That's been my way of coping with my exhaustion. I literally poured a cup of coffee and watched her make this DIY sugar scrub. No wait. I zested some lime, too.

Rachel cleverly concocted this recipe after some trial and error of her own. And gifted to her friends (don't you wish you were her roommate? I wish she were still my roommate.) But if you're looking for a cute, handmade addition to a baby shower/wedding shower gift? Or looking for something to slip into that Easter basket? This little project is super easy and smells sublime. The aroma will put a bounce in your step and make you believe that Spring is just around the corner! (Please God. Pretty please.)


- 2 cups Coconut Oil

- 3 cups Sugar

- 2 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

- 1 cup shredded Coconut

- Zest from 6 Limes

- Juice from 4 Limes

- 20 drops Edens Garden Ginger essential oil


Combine all the ingredients, mix well. Distribute into jars and then gift away!

Yields approximately 8 3-oz. jars.

// That's Rachel's hand. It's also the extent to which she would let me photograph her on this day. But if you want to know how breathtaking she is, see here, here and here. You're welcome. //

Scrub with Love.

Slipping down into a bathtub and getting your scrub on with this recipe is the JAM. Let me know if you decide to make this! Happy Monday to you!