Starting Solid Baby Food.

Starting Solid Baby Food.

I have to take a deep breath as I type this. Because anytime I think of my little boy growing up I just want to sob my face off onto a pillow like a middle school girl. I don't know why. I really just don't. But the truth is that yesterday my little boy turned 7 months old. WHAAAAAAT. How can this be. Hang on, I've gotta go take a break and cry a monsoon a little.

Stevie made me suck it up. So I'm still here.

Over the past six weeks or so, we have taken the dive into solid baby foods. Everett LOVES to eat and I can honestly say that his growing appetite and fondness for new food has been good for our entire family. What do I mean? Well, he's eating real food. Which has led to some real sleep. Which means we are all (finally!) getting some real, consecutive hours of sleep each night. It has been a longgggg 7 months of very little rest, but I think we are really, truly, finally getting somewhere! (Of course every time I say that, something wicked happens. Like he starts teething. Or has another "growth spurt". Or an obvious "sleep regression". These terms just mean that mommy was momentarily teased with the hopeful possibility that a light was at the end of the tunnel, only to have it snuffed out by the might of his gnawing, toothless grip. He's lucky he's so darn cute. SO DARN CUTE I COULD CRY.)

I digress.

I do that a lot.

Our little solid food journey has formed over the past 6 weeks or so and has landed into a happy rhythm so far. Of course, I assume we will continue to modify this "plan" as he continues to grow and expand his palate. That's kind of the point of solid food right now - to develop his taste buds for different temperatures, textures and flavors. His main source of calories is still from milk. (I have to state the obvious or else some milkmaid mother will beat me down in the comments section about how I'm overfeeding and under-nourishing my baby. Don't worry, dear milkmaids anonymous. I am still a member of your semi-inconvenient, though obviously valuable lactating club. Calm thyself.)

// Everett getting a little pre-meal talking to from my Dad. These sweet moments are the reason I am thrilled that we are able to be around so much family this year :) //

// He's like, actually listening. He hasn't learned that wonderful skill of fake-listening to parents yet. UNLESS HE'S JUST THAT GOOD. //

// He doesn't mind wearing his bib, but he kind of hates the moment that we put it on him. Just for the moment. Then I wave a spoon at him and, voila, we are suddenly verrrrrrrrrry popular with him. //

// Breather. //

So Much to Learn!

I have been making Everett's solid foods at home. I gathered recipes from my dear doula/friend/guru/role-model Liz, and my big beautiful sister Kara (she's actually a very tiny person, but big in inspiration and in whom I would truly be a LOST parent without), this wonderful website and its corresponding book. I have researched a ton about HOW MUCH to feed, HOW OFTEN to feed, WHEN to feed, etc. There is so much information out there and so many different ways to foray into the solid baby food world. Anyone have any awesome tips/advice to share? I am still learning and trying to figure it out, but I thought I would go ahead and share this fun milestone with you. Oh baby food. Oh growing. Oh my. I'll share some of my baby food methods and a few of our favorite recipes next week!

In the mean time, keep us in your prayers as we cruise out of town for the weekend. It's our first road trip with Everett! We are heading down to Florida to visit my sister and her sweet family and celebrate my nephew's birthday :) Although the forecast is calling for freezing cold rain. Of course. I hope your weekend is clear of all this sleet, snow and icy rain we've been pelted with on the East Coast! Stay warm, friends!