A Sigh of Relief in St. Augustine.

A Sigh of Relief in St. Augustine.

Last week I took an impromptu road trip down to St. Augustine, Florida.

It was necessary for my soul.

It was one of those trips that I didn't realize how badly I needed. But with all this wet wintery weather and cabin fever, along with my current car-less situation, with a baby, IN THE SUBURBS, I was ripe for a bit of adventure and freedom. Haha, how adventurous is it when you're only going to your sister's place? But it was adventurous to me, because it was the first time I packed up my child and road tripped anywhere with him. Did I mention that I did all of this husband-less? I did all of this husbandless. It was quite the adventure, folks.

Let me just take a moment to tell you, GO HUG YOUR MOTHER TODAY.

Stevie had some back-to-back work trips, so we knew we would be apart for a week. A week is a long time, people! And it feels so much longer, now that we are blessed with a cutie little baby. I just feel like I really need his help and support, you know, all the time. Bathing the child and feeding the child and holding the child - he weighs 18.5 lbs. these days! But we did it. Me and Everett. We made it through the week daddy-less without too much fuss. In fact, Everett started crawling and grew in two teeth while we were down in Florida. And saw the ocean for the first time (I instagrammed that epic moment here). Talk about a trip!

We weren't alone though. Far from it. My darn-adorable little sister Rachel agreed to take to the road with me and Everett, and last minute, my dad jumped in the car with us, too. And my mom was already in Florida the previous week on her annual "girls trip" with all her friends from high school (I know, party animal, right??), so she met us at my sister's house, too! It became a huge, unplanned family affair. Babies and movies and laughter and wine. My Dad took us shopping, his three grown adult girls. The whole trip was so sweet. It's not often that we are all together anymore (I know, you're probably thinking, don't you live with your parents??) But I mean my entire family. We haven't all been together since Everett was born almost 8 months ago. And I mean, we still weren't, since Stevie wasn't with us, but it was still really good to have that family energy vibing once again. The storytelling. The eye rolling. The babies throwing food around the kitchen. Whatnot.

What did I do during this Swiss Family Robinson weekend? Sniffed that salty air. Jogged the mile to the beach (and back again!) Stood in awe at all the mossy-ness. Ate fish tacos (everyday!) Rolled around on the carpet, playing with my niece and nephew. Chased Everett around the house. Stared out the window at the rain (the weather wasn't really our friend there, either). It was really simple stuff. And it was kind of the best.

// My exercise buddy. My life buddy. Built-in BFF. God I love her. //

// All. That. Moss. //

// The ocean made him sneeze. And then made him laugh. And then made him sleepy. //

// My baby likes to hold hands. I'm already nervous about middle school. //


// I bet you're thinking this photo looks fake. I know. If I didn't know her for myself, I would think this homegirl is some kind of fairy princess. But since I know her for myself, I KNOW SHE IS. //

// Tacos and a smoothie errrrrday. And now I shall move in. Into this establishment. //

// Why are cousins so stinkin' CUTE. Everett was obsessed with them. //

// Sigh. My kin-women. //

Need More Moss.

I am just so grateful for this trip. Though the weather betrayed me just a tad bit, my soul was refreshed just being in a different environment. Different, but comfortable, since it was in the joyful home of my sweet sister and her family. I am already planning another trek down there, to do a bit more culinary mining in the downtown. I love St. Augustine a lot (we honeymooned there for a few days, almost 8 years ago WHAAAAT), and it never gets old, exploring that rad historic little town.

// This is what it feels like to be practically choked with love. //

// SISTERS! My heart pretty much exploded on that beach. //

// I'll never let go, Jack. //

The Ghost of Beachy Past.

If you're interested, I have an arsenal of St. Augustine shenanigans from the past, like the time I was pregnant and cold and sad and St. Augustine cheered me up and the time I was threatened by a pelican. You read that right.

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