Baby Registry Picks: Out & About + a Giveaway with Baya Collections! (CLOSED)

Baby Registry Picks: Out & About

Baby Registry Picks: Out & About by oykristen // 1. Baby Bjorn Carrier // 2. Uppababy Vista Convertible Stroller // 3. Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat // 4. Booginhead Pacifier Clip // 5. Gumdrop Pacifier  // 6. Baby K'Tan Wrap Carrier  // 7. Baya Diaper Clutch // 8. Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller // 9. Ergobaby Carrier // 

Baby Registry Picks: Out & About  

This is the second installment in my Baby Registry Picks series (see my feeding picks), and I am so excited to share these products with you! We are an active family, and this roundup of gear has made our adventures so manageable and fun. Many of these were recommended to me by friends and family, and it has been a really joyous process seeing what works well for our own little family. I own every single item on this list and stand by them! Also, I am hosting an awesome giveaway to win this diaper clutch (see #7 below!), so make sure to scroll to the bottom to see more pics and to enter the giveaway!

1. Baby Bjorn Carrier 

This is a great carrier for the 3-5 month stage, especially when going out and about. And it's great for husbands to wear, too! I could get away with wearing the sling (see #6 below) for a long time, but Stevie could never fit my sling around him. This structured carrier was the perfect "in-between" from the sling to the Ergo Carrier.

2. Uppababy Vista Convertible Stroller 

I can't say enough great things about this stroller. It's perfect. It's honestly the perfect option for city life, because it sort of becomes your car. It wheels so smoothly, it practically drives itself. It travels flawlessly, comes with a bassinet (which we sincerely loved having for those first 3-4 months) along with the toddler seat, has an enormous amount of storage space, folds up easily, has a reversible seat... I could go on and on. One of the big selling points is that it has the ability to "add on" and can carry up to three children at a time. For a full-sized stroller, this one is the jam. 

3. Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat 

I kind of hate carseats in general (so big! so heavy!), but this one is tolerable. It's compatible with a ton of different strollers (including the two we own), and most importantly, is super duper safe. And if you're into looks, this one comes in a zillion color options.

4. Booginhead Pacifier Clip

I can't tell you what a HUGE difference this tiny little device has made. Once we finally got Everett to start taking a pacifier, it was a game changer. The sucking motion really calmed him down. Using this clip to connect his pacifier to his clothes was a lifesaver, because we never lost pacifiers and they didn't get dirty from constantly falling on the ground. If you're okay with giving your child a paci, go ahead and throw a few of these clips on your registry. You will be so relieved to have a few on hand! 

5. Gumdrop Pacifier

There are so many different pacifiers on the market, and each child gravitates towards different kinds. However, this is the one that worked for Everett, so we have stuck with it. He is completely at ease with this type of pacifier, and while we don't really use them at home, I always make sure to have one when we're out and about. Especially when we're traveling!  

6. Baby K'Tan Wrap Carrier

This was the first carrier that I put Everett in, when he was just a wee little one. I only used this for a few months because he grew at such a rapid pace, but I really loved wearing him so close to me. This wrap is unstructured, so the baby is able to snuggle extra close to you. For those beginning months when my son was so colicky, this was the only way I could get him to nap. I think it made him feel like he was still in my tummy. I really loved this wrap and was super sad when he outgrew it. 

7. Baya Diaper Clutch

I have used a few different diaper changing stations, but when Baya sent me this one I was floored by how quickly it became my favorite. It's super small and portable (big bonus points for that) and has an interchangeable wristlet/purse strap that allows you to carry it a few different ways. On those errand days when I'm running around town and don't need to take my enormous diaper bag everywhere with me, this diaper clutch is the perfect option. It's obviously cute (no dorky mom product here!) but it's also super functional. There are two compartments that I can easily tuck a few diapers and packs of travel wipes into, along with a separate zippable pocket that I toss my phone and keys into, and voila, we are ready for an hour or two out and about! I have really loved having this for quick diaper changes in the car (especially on my recent road trip) and in public places. See below for more pics of this handy little tool "in action" and for a giveaway to win one for yourself! 

8. Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller

I stand by this stroller as the single reason why I am able to get some exercise as a new mama. It's nearly impossible to carve out a ton of time for yourself as a new mom. However, exercise is a huge priority to me, as I'm sure it is for a lot of you. Being able to take my baby along with me as I spend time outdoors and try to get back in shape, well, that's honestly been a lifesaver for me. Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, too. And Everett LOVES being outside, so putting him in his Bob stroller has become our daily ritual. A little secret: the 4:00 pm hour has become nicknamed "the witching hour" in our household, because it's the time of day where exhaustion hits (for me) and whining hits (for him.) That's usually the time we take to the Bob and get outdoors. So you if you ever want to know what we're doing from about 4-5:30pm on any given day, we are probably out, Bob-bing around. Pun intended :) 

9. Ergobaby Carrier 

This is the carrier of all carriers. The Ergo is structured perfectly for both the mom and the dad to wear the baby, so we often switch off! My experience with a lot of other carriers is that they seem to favor the body type of one gender more than the other. This carrier is super soft but still structured, has all the bells and whistles (head cover, extra safety clips, etc.) and just seems to work so naturally for our family. It goes with us everywhere!

And now for a giveaway!

Giveaway with Baya Collections!

I am really excited to partner with Baya Collections to give away this Diaper Clutch in any of the three colors in stock. Like I mentioned above, this has become my go-to diaper clutch when I don't want to lug around an entire diaper bag. This is great to toss into the bottom of the stroller, to unfold in the airplane, or even lay on the ground in the park to perform a quick diaper change. It's one of those items you don't realize you need until you're in that panic moment of "I have to change my baby's diaper NOW and I'm in the middle of Target and there's no changing table and I can't bear the thought of laying my baby's head on the dirty ground!" Baya Clutch to the rescue. 

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