Baby Registry Picks: Sleeping + a Giveaway with Lucky Palm Tree!

Baby Registry Picks: Sleeping

Baby Registry Picks: Sleeping by oykristen // 1. Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor // 2. HoMedics SS-2000E Sound Machine // 3. Aden & Anais Crib Sheet // 4. Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets // 5. Lucky Palm Tree Sleepwear // 6. Halo Sleep Sack // 7. Serena & Lily Sausalito Moses Basket //

Registry Picks: Sleeping

Ah, the continuation of baby gear continues. If you are without a child, you must be thinking, "wait, another one of these roundup things? Hasn't she mentioned enough baby stuff already??" I will go ahead and answer your unsaid question: NO. No I haven't mentioned enough baby gear (you can see my "Feeding" gear here and my "Out and About" gear here.) I haven't mentioned enough because babies require a LOT of stuff and I don't care how "minimalist" you think you are - you need the stuff. I have lived in teeeeeeeensy tiny places in my life (Boston and NYC), and I am totally into living minimally. I really am. But my baby? He is NOT. He needs the stuff to be awesome and content. And I need the stuff to be awesome and sane. So... yeah.

Shall we talk about baby sleep? Lets. I have opinions. Here is a good snapshot of products we have come to love since our experimentation with this fragile thing we call infant sleep.

1. Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Color Video Monitor

I am so grateful to have a video monitor. My child is a maverick when it comes to wailing. I mean it. He often sounds like he's writhing in pain while he's "going to sleep", which sounds awful to you, I know. It sounds awful to me, too. But when I've done everything that I know to do, sometimes you just have to "wait it out" for a bit and let the child take his own journey into dream land. Having a video monitor reeeeeally helps that process. I can watch him, eat some popcorn and see that he's totally fine and just needs some alone time to find his rhythm. Rem cycle. Whatnot. Video monitors allow you to spy. Moving on.  

2. HoMedics SS-2000E Sound Machine

So, we got this device for a baby shower and sort of forgot to use it. But by the time we transitioned our little man into his own room (around 10 weeks), he was in the heavy throws of his colic-ness and I was reminded of this nifty white noise machine. It definitely helped with his sleep, though I will admit that it didn't "cure" the colic. But this is a fantastic machine because it has several different soothing sounds. I sort of want to steal it out of his room so that I can fall asleep to the murmur of the ocean or the jungle or "mother's heartbeat" (which also sounds a little bit like Darth Vader breathing). But I'm kind of too afraid to take it out of his room. For fear of his middle-of-the-night reawakenings. I can't go back to that, people. Can't even. CAN'T.

3. Aden & Anais Crib Sheet 

My baby has nicer sheets than me. I will leave it at that.

4. Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets

Aw, I miss swaddling my little guy. I loved wrapping him up like a little Chipotle burrito in these blankets. These are the best because the muslin really wrapped him tightly in a way that he had some trouble unraveling. He managed to unravel other swaddle blankets, but these? They stumped him. SUCCESS WAS MINE. I ended up purchasing some more of these when he was about 3 weeks old, just because we were going through so many of them. These are so worth the investment! Also, it seemed worthwhile to get the larger size. The ones sold at Target are a tad bit smaller, measuring 44" x 44", whereas most of the versions sold on Amazon are 47" x 47" - and those few inches really make a difference!

5. Lucky Palm Tree Sleepwear

I was recently introduced to Lucky Palm Tree clothing and I am so hooked. This handmade baby wear is all created out of 100% GOTS organic certified cotton and is printed with non-toxic ink. And the whole organic baby clothing is becoming a big thing, especially for a sleeping baby, because (I had no idea!) how many brands use flame retardants on infant sleepwear! Ew. I can't dress my baby in all-organic all the time (I'm sorry Jessica Alba, I really am), but when he's sleeping, it's nice to know that he isn't breathing in all those gross toxins. And not only is Lucky Palm Tree sleepwear super safe and natural, it is GORGEOUS. Like seriously, seriously a work of babylicious art. The material is thick and supple and the prints are outrageously cute. And guess what - there's a giveaway below! Scroll to the bottom for more pics and details :)

6. Halo Sleep Sack 

We started using this sleep sack the day we stopped swaddling my son. As soon as he learned how to roll over, we couldn't stop him from doing it in his crib. And if I tried to roll him onto his back (because all the pediatricians practically beat you over the head with the "back is best!" jargon), he would wake up and scream. Great job mom. Way to wake a sleeping baby. So we had to stop swaddling him (and stop rolling him onto his back when he preferred sleeping on his belly), and we chose to wrap him in these sleep sacks. They keep him warm and snuggly in a safe way. Of course, now that spring is underway, he probably won't need to sleep in these as much. He's a bit hot-natured. His sweat is cute.

7. Serena & Lily Sausalito Moses Basket 

I really lucked out here. My big sis lent me this Moses basket and it was so so perfect for those first few months that Everett was a tiny tot. We could move it around the house when he was a newborn, so he had a napping spot anywhere that we were. And it's a bigger-sized Moses basket, so we were able to keep him in it for a while, which was a big blessing. A lot of the Moses baskets I checked out were pretty tiny and wouldn't have accommodated him for very long. This one is strong and safe, and as you can see, really really beautiful. Almost like a keepsake AND a baby bed.

And now for that giveaway!


I am honored to be partnering with Lucky Palm Tree to give away a $50 gift card to their online store! This is such a luxurious, quality baby brand that offers parents the gift of clothing their children in organic, American-made works of art. I mean, take a look at these photos of my little man in this gear. He's drooling and I am a little, too.

Everett is wearing the organic Mustache Bodysuit & Hat, C/O Lucky Palm Tree

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