First Trip to the Zoo!

First Trip to the Zoo!

Last week I took my little Everett boy on his first field trip to the Atlanta Zoo. I'd like to tell you it was the MOST SPECTACULAR THING EVER. I'd like to tell you that Everett was flabbergasted with joy by the animals and clapped his hands with glee and howled with precious laughter and said his first words in the form of, "Mommy, did you know there are nine subspecies of Giraffes?" (because obviously I think my child will be a science-fact-spouting whiz and somehow I think he would say this in a clipped British accent, too.)

No. Just no.

Everett kind of didn't care about the zoo. He didn't hate it. He was just... indifferent. Couldn't be bothered to lift his head up from it's very relaxed position in the stroller to actually glance at the giraffes. And that wasn't the only unexciting animal, in his book. The toucan didn't thrill him. The flamingos made him sigh and look away. The red panda bored him to tears (literally). And the black bears put him to sleep.

Not an animal lover? We won't go there quite yet. He might have just been sweaty or something.

But I had a blast! I got to hang out with my BFF and walk around and eat zoo snacks (we packed lunches and shared our goodies) and stare in wonder at all the animals caked in Georgia red clay. I got to stand in the sunshine and wear shorts (WHAT!?) and take pictures and ogle at the cherry blossom trees. I got to have GIRL TIME. So so necessary. Everyone needs a BFF to dream with. Thanks for being mine, Trish. Oh, and I got to watch her daughter actually enjoy seeing the animals, which was suuuuuper duper fun. She's obviously at the right age for animal adoration.

Everett will get there.

We hope.

// I'm all, "THE ZOO! THE ZOO! THE ZOO!" and he's like, "I mean... sure.'' //

// Can you not, mom? //

// I mean. //

// Let's eat or something. //

// Or we can just... Zzzz... //


// But I'll keep him. Because THOSE CHEEKS. Nom nom nom. //

Anyone have any advice for when it's appropriate to take a baby to the zoo? Because I didn't think that there was a "too soon" when it comes to exposing kids to educational-ish activities like this. But I'm thinking that I was wrong. I mean, I'm not too sad about it or anything. In fact, this kid is just making me laugh more and more these days because he does not hide his feelings! And I kind of love that about him.But seriously - thoughts on fun "out and about"-type activities for babies? Because the weather is putting a pep in my step and I'm all ears for great outdoor ideas!

Also, Everett's onesie is c/o  Lucky Palm Tree and you can find it here.