Easter Recap.

Easter Sunday.

What a joy it was to celebrate Easter as a family of three. Observing the cornerstone event of my faith, the divine resurrection of Jesus Christ, and sharing that exciting truth with my son, well, that pretty much takes the cake. Stevie and I had so much fun putting together Everett's Easter basket, getting him dressed up for church, and playing with him throughout the day that we completely failed at taking a family photo. Who does that?? Well, us apparently. We just took endless pictures of our little man discovering Easter eggs and, you know, chewing on them. Oh well. I tend to over-photograph our life in general, so while we might not have a ton of family pics from his first Easter, we have plenty of them from the day before and the day after.

This was our first Easter at home with family in many years. The past few years we've been in Boston and New York, so Easter has been an extremely chilly, friend-oriented holiday. We are grateful for so many unique Easter experiences, but this year with Everett was the best yet. It was just so much fun, introducing him to the traditions of the celebration, and even though he's not fully grasping it yet, it's just the beginning!

A Tisket, a Tasket.

I might have overdone it on the Easter basket. Well, it wasn't an Easter basket as much as it was a piece of luggage, his own little luggage bag! We are doing a good bit of traveling over the next few months, and I can't keep stuffing his goods into sticky Trader Joes tote bags. His bounty floweth over. And so of course, the bag just had a few goodies inside, MOSTLY NEEDS, like a bathing suit and sun hat and swim diapers. And a toy. And a book. And maybe some new shoes. I MIGHT BE OUT OF CONTROL.

We had so much fun, worshiping at church and then having lunch with family. And then egg hunting with cousins! And then crying a good bit. It's okay, it's an emotional day for all of us, Everett. 

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter as much as we did!