Happening Lately.

Pollen = Beauty = Head pain.

Happening Lately.

Happy Friday, folks! I hope you have some spectacular weekend plans in the mix.

We've been dealing with some sickness up in here. Not fun. Stevie's had some kind of upper respiratory funk since he got home from Turkey, Everett got his first fever and ear infection, I got a stye on my eye... and this morning I woke up with some symptoms of what my boys have going on. Is it pollen? Is it illness? I don't know, but I'm tired of taking care of sick people and I certainly don't feel like dealing with it myself. Do I sound moody? Sorry. I probably need a nap. But just imagine that I am hobbling around like blind Quasimodo, poor Everett is draped in my arms hacking up a lung, and Stevie's in the background somewhere blowing his nose like a trumpet. We are a touch pathetic. We are so ready to be back into the swing of things. Fingers crossed that this weekend is a time that we all heal up for good. I'm ready to wear contacts again, let alone maybe some mascara. Maybe.

Since we are really boring and have nothing but sickness to report, here are a few fun links.

I so very badly really, really really want to go to this retreat

How rad is this bag? Plus, I love Honest Co. and FEED. Just dynamite.

My gal pal sent me this stroller workout and it's revolutionary.

Crap. I happened to find THE MOST ADDICTIVE snack foodand now I'm a bit obsessed.

Gonna make this cake. Be on the lookout. 

Any awesome weekend plans? We are heading to a dear old friends' wedding tomorrow night, suuuuuper excited! I love marriage!