TBT to That Time We Got Fancy in Newport, Rhode Island.

TBT to That Time We Got Fancy in Newport, Rhode Island.

I say it all sort of in jest, because we actually just took a school trip here a few years ago. Stevie was in business school and his class had an end-of-the-year formal in Newport. I didn't really know what to expect, being from the South and all, but oh. Newport. Oh.

It's a New England treasure, that's for sure.

It's not indicative of real life, that's for sure.

It's pretty ridiculous actually. And lovely. That's definitely for sure.

Go ahead and imagine a town full of Downton Abbey-esque things. Now go ahead and imagine something fancier. That's Newport.

We spent a day exploring Newport's old estates that used to house American tycoon families during their gilded-age summer holidays. The Vanderbilts, the Astors, the Wideners -  you know, they were palin' around, sharing gimlets in their bejeweled gowns and and probably throwing dollar bills into the oceans for fun and whatnot. Because you know, they were fancy like that.

The two most famous mansions in Newport are The Breakers and The Elms, so obviously we had to tour those. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to photograph inside the mansions, so I will forever have to just remember the ballroom after ballroom after sitting room after marble staircase after THOSE OCEAN VIEWS. It's almost unreal how these people lived. If you ever get the chance to boogie on up to Newport, DO IT. It's so worth the spectacular experience. And the gawking. You will probably walk around those estates with your mouth wide open, dumbfounded, like I did.

Good foliage was only the beginning.

 I mean. What are we, Europe or something?? THIS IS AMERICA. MERRRRIIICCAAA.

Imagine if that were your backyard. Just imagine.

Hmm which window shall I toss a pebble at? I think the 43rd shall do.

This photo reminds me that I need to Amazon Prime some baby gates STAT.

We lounged in the sunshine. We actually hadn't seen the light of day in a loooooong time before that trip. #bostonwinterssuck

Waaaaaaahhhhhh I miss my friends. Aren't they pretty.

Epic tree right there.

Dude huddle. They were probably discussing how to get out of touring some boring old houses.

Rich people lawn gnomes.

Oh the Memories.

We had a blast with our friends, most of whom used live a 5-minute walk from our little Cambridge apartment. These days, we are all spread across the country and the world. Now it's Facetime calls and email chains and planning trips just to have the pleasure of hanging out again. Life has changed in just a few short years.

But... (insert sweeping dramatic pause), we'll always have Newport. (<-- imagine that sentence spoken in a drawn-out accent. Something like when Phoebe met the in-laws for the first time.)

Oh wait, just a few more photos. Because this was the one time during the trip when we actually were fancy. Going to a ball and all. And I loved that dress and I'll never get to wear it again. So let me indulge. CUE GIRL MOMENT.

Stevie. Will forever remain an over-zealous youth grouper.

You can tell our camera was a bit older because of the fuzzy effect of the photos, but still. Ah the fancifulness. 

Did I make you want to go on some fancy mansion tours? Yeah me too. Now let's talk about the fact that I still live at my parents' house.