The 2 Reasons Why You Should Run The Color Run!

The 2 Reasons Why You Should Run The Color Run!

It really shouldn't take all that much convincing. You google "the color run" and you come up with a zillion photos of peppy-looking people, pummeled with pink paint and cheesing up a storm with their besties. Who doesn't want to be one of those positively joyous souls? Happy? Laughing? PINK??! That's a good way to Saturday right there. But in case you need a bit of convincing, I've got a few reasons for you to sign up for The Color Run:

1. It truly is the happiest 5K on the planet. Well, to me anyway.

I'm not a 5K junkie, so I can't really say it's the best one ON THE PLANET (because ya know, its a big planet), but this one was seriously the most fun I've ever had at a 5K. I found myself leaping like a gazelle through the rainbow haze of powdered paint. LIKE A GAZELLE. Or like a bullfrog. There was some leaping happening. It was just so fun and happy and the music was SO POSITIVE and I found myself thinking, "why am I not running this happy all the time?!" That Color Run. They know what they're doing.

2. It's easy. Like, really



This is not a competitive race. It's not even close to the realm of competitive. Did they even time us? I don't think so. The "running a 5K" part is kind of just the action that strings together all the fun shenanigans happening. COLOR STATIONS. FLASH MOB. COORDINATED DANCING. PICTURE WITH UNICORN. These are the important moments. And the running part is just to get you from FLASH MOB to BLUE PAINT STATION to, you know, PICTURE WITH UNICORN. In other words, I saw 70-year old women walking this race. In tutus. And they were doing a fine job of it.

I was going to make a third option, but there is no need for a third option. Because, I mean, I've really said it all. THIS RACE IS FUN AND EASY. Oh, and unicorns. There's your number 3. UNICORNSSSSS.


Ready to shine.

Gosh these cuties.

See? Told you.

UNI. Now all we need is a pegacorn appearance for my life to be complete.

They might have given us some paint of our own.

My love. He shines bright like a diamond.

Sweet V in all her glory.

I might have choked a little bit. A little bit, yeah.

The happy is contagious. WE CAUGHT IT.

This one is my absolute fave. My sister and my niece, having all kinds of silly fun. PRECIOUS MOMENTS.

Gotta find time to communicate. Amidst the paint powder. And yellow faces. And - wait, MY SISTER IS PHOTOBOMBING. What exactly is she doing??

Tired little girl. But she's got hair that won't quit.

All photos courtesy of the talented

Josh Hale

We ran this race last weekend at the

Atlanta Motor Speedway

with friends and family and it was seriously so so fun. And silly. And wonderful! My nieces and nephews even joined the fun and ran parts of the race with us (strolled the rest of the time, oh, the joys of being a child!) They really loved the color stations. And who wouldn't? It was like being in a Barney video or something. It was completely worth getting up early for - next time around, LET'S ALL RUN THIS THING. And by run, of course I mean eat cotton candy and prance with unicorns under a sky of rainbow powder paint.