Everett's First Haircut!

Everett's First Haircut!

I didn't want to do it. I did NOT want to take my baby son into a strange place and allow scissors anywhere near his beautiful brain, his precious eyes, his bunny-soft cheeks. Did not. Want to go. DID NOT.

Ugh, but husbands.

But my husband kept insisting. "His hair is in his eyes, Kristen." "He is going to be so sweaty this summer with all that hair." "It's going to be in his face when we go to the beach" - well sure. These are valid statements. Rooted in thoughtfulness and fact. But my opinion was rooted in EMOTION. Nobody touch my baby everrrrrr! Scissors?! Drat you! For even considering coming near him with SCISSORS! The devil's choice office supply.

He had these tender little curls. Right behind his ears. They were longer than the rest of his hair. Sure, you could say they were something like the wisps that Gollum kept in the back... but oh. They were so sweet. They were weirdly longer than the rest of his hair. It was like two pony tails at either ear and then a long party on top. Around the sides of his head all the hair had fallen out from sleeping on his back, and that was actually beginning to grow back really nicely. So yeah, he had some seriously uneven hair going.

I didn't mind it.

He didn't mind it.


He won the argument. We went to his barber shop, a laid-back, no-frills place here in our town. We entered, and the glossy black and white checked floor immediately grabbed Everett's attention. Mesmerized, we sat and waited. He had no idea what he was in for.

But then he started to get a feeling. You know, when we put him in Daddy's lap in the huge weird chair. With a forward-facing cape. He was like WHAT.

Oh, let's just get to the photo journey, shall we?

He's thinking it's just a regular Saturday, pal-ing around with the rents.

Waiting. Though he doesn't know what for.

Those wisps. I melllllllt.

The final moment of length.




WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This pic literally makes me cringe.

You've been chopped!

He wasn't so sure.

Oh Jerry. He did such a great job.

Everett got a certificate! And we got to keep a few clippings of his hair :)

And then. He decided he liked his new look.

Oh my sweet baby. I cried like 4 times in the barber shop. Along with him. But he did really great, other than the incessant screaming, and Jerry did the best of us all. He didn't let a hollering child (or his withering, weeping mother) throw of his groove. He just snip-snip-snipped and suddenly, my child was blonde. And a little boy. And STEVIE'S little boy. He officially looks exactly like his father.

We survived the first haircut. And I have to agree, it was a good choice. Now we are all spiffy and ready for the summer heat!