Today Begins the Intentional October Journey!

Intentional October for Me

Oh, it's here. They day I have been looking forward to for weeks. October 1! I am thrilled to experience some personal changes in my life, and perhaps I am hyping up this month a bit too much, but I just feel like the time is NOW. I am expectant. And motivated. For some excellent change. And the only way to do it is to JUST DO IT. Thank you Nike. That ad campaign has been jogging around in my brain for about 15 years now.

In case you missed my previous posts about Intentional October, you can take a peek at what it means for me, and how I am attempting change this month.

Now I think it's time for another pumpkin photo. Yeah.

First things first! Along with the tactics I am adopting to help me reach my goal for this month (which you can check out here), I am also going to make a concerted effort to focus on something each week. For this first week of October, I am focusing on me. Myself. I. You know when you're on an airplane, and the safety video comes on and recommends that in case of emergency, you have to put on your own safety mask before assisting others... and that always feels sort of tool-ish? Like, how crummy to not help your neighbor before helping yourself?! But it's true - you can't help others if you're hyperventilating. I'm adopting that approach. I'm not talking about self-absorption, but I do want to be mindful. If I don't take good care of myself, I don't set a good example for others around me to treat me with the same level of respect. And I should be taking great care of myself. My heart, my body, my mind. So this week, I am being mindful of myself. I am going to take gooooood care of me. I am going to dream. I am going to not dream. I am going to take a bath. I am going to be good to myself, whatever that looks like on a day to day basis. While obviously taking care of my family and doing all the normal things I always do. Plus all the changes. Hahhaha is anyone else laughing, thinking I am a crazy lady and biting off more than I can chew?? Whatever. I am going for it. Hear me roar.

You can roar, too. This week, focus on YOU. After we create a foundation of getting into the groove of our new changes, and we have taking a concerted effort to be good to ourselves, then we can really expand our capacity for more.

How are you feeling about Intentional October? Excited, overwhelmed, ready, not ready? If you were going to do one really nice thing for yourself this week, what would it be? Comment below, friends!