Farmer's Market Finds With My Sister.

My sister got married this past weekend. It was a gorgeous, memorable, beachside ceremony and I am so happy for her. Because life obviously changes SO MUCH after you get married, I wanted to make sure to spend as much time with her as humanly possible before the wedding. In the weeks leading up to her nuptials, I was soaking up EVERY moment with her. I invited her over every single day. And made her do life things with me. And force fed her all the autumn things I've been cooking. And made her play with my baby. No I'm kidding, she actually wanted to do those things because she is the best sister. And we did wedding stuff, too. But since she is moving an hour and a half away when she returns from her honeymoon (WAAAAHHHHHH), I just wanted to absorb every opportunity to spend time with her before her life changes. Marriage will do that, folks.

Last weekend we hit the Farmers's Market in my town. And we went via golf cart! Have I told you that we drive golf carts around like cars? Well in my town there is more golf cart mileage than actual road mileage, which makes it ridiculously easy to get almost everywhere on the golf cart. So on top of the alfresco ride, we enjoyed the quaint fall activity of trolling the farmers market in search of everything home grown and specialty. And I got to soak up sister time and taste test peppers and goat cheese and preserves and it was pretty much perfect.

Everett loved strolling around and listening to this beautiful steel guitar. The musician was just plucking away happily, in no hurry to finish his songs. If he had been playing "Autumn Leaves" I might very well had died and gone to heaven right there. It was pretty perfect.

Ignore my wrist brace. It looks worse than it is. Just from carrying around a heavy, casted baby these days. :) But check out that okra!!!

So, we often play telephone with bananas, and when I got some of this eggplant, we couldn't really resist. Usually Elmo calls me. I don't know who calls Everett, he's already pretty private about his phone conversations.

AND I found out that my friend Tim's family has a farm, and they were selling at the market! So if you're in the PTC area, you should totally check out the Sacred Grounds Farm booth. And get the okra. And maybe some zinnias, just for fun.

It was a day of Farmers Market successes. Not only did I soak up sister time, which was the BEST, but I got to pick up some produce that I would never usually buy, like red and green okra and Japanese eggplant. If you have any inspiring recipes involving those ingredients, I'm all ears! What are your favorite farmer's market finds?