Wishing You a Happy, Healthy (& hopefully humorous!) Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! The day has come! I suppose that a lot of you are scurrying around the kitchen on this fine day, apron donned and wooden spoon in hand. Something dripping. Something spilling. But hopefully - nothing burning! I can just see you there, stirring and whipping and basting and brining. Roasting and toasting and testing and trying. Mmm holidays make me rhyme, friends :)

Enjoy the day. This is a holiday. Which means you get a break from stress, anxiety and anything else that is perhaps clouding your thoughts these days. No matter what your Thanksgiving prep and celebration looks like - whether you're in the car, heading to your parents house. Whether you're visiting your in-laws for your first holiday meal as a member of their family. Whether you're bringing a jar of pickles and a loaf of bread. (Actually if you're doing the previous one, maybe throw in a bottle of wine for your hosts, too. Just a tip :) But whatever this day looks like for you, whether it's teeming with familial awkwardness or triumphant with spazzy amounts of love, I would encourage you to enjoy it. Soak it up. People all over our country are huddled in warm homes today, talking football and reminiscing and eating to their heartiest content. From the high rises of New York City to the lofts overlooking the San Francisco Bay to this suburban home of mine, tucked between some trees, we are all alike today. We are all eating. We are all enjoying family, even with all its quirks. Hug those sweet souls as much as you can, because they are yours to hug today. And it is undoubtedly good.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!