A Johnnyswim Christmas.

This past weekend was FUN. We stayed in, watched our Christmas lights dance practically off the tree, and enjoyed some indulgent old Christmas movies. We watched Everett haul the wrapped Christmas presents around the room and listened to him say "Ho ho ho." To which we died laughing, every time. He literally says it. I will try to catch it on video. I'll have to show you this picture of him in his little Santa beanie, all the way from the dearest of friends in London. It's so stinkin' CUTE.

Blurry, but whatever. This is real life.

Blurry, but whatever. This is real life.

My favorite part about the weekend was going on our annual Christmas date, which is something that I always look forward to and always looks different. One year we went to see the Rockettes. One year we went to the Nutcracker. Last year I don't think we did our fun fancy date, because we had a bitty baby. But this year we joined a ton of friends and went to see Johnnyswim play a Christmas show at the Variety Playhouse. SO RAD. Ever heard of Johnnyswim? You should get their album and keep it on repeat. These two are so talented and cute in "real life" (I say that like I know who they are based on their stage presence - but they really do seem SO REAL). We went back to our friends' house after for toasts and treats and watched more friends GET ENGAGED (woohoo - so excited for you, Jordan & Amanda!!!), so it was pretty much the greatest night that ever could be. So much festivity and love and teasing and joy and coziness. I am really grateful for our community here in this little cove of Atlanta.

What does this holiday week look like for you? We will be baking and cooking some good stuff (though, not too much. This girl is tired), finishing up wrapping and anticipating the fun weekend! Christmas by ourselves, Christmas with my side of the family and Christmas with Stevie's side of the family - and all of them are PRIORITY, so by Sunday we will probably be whipped, just from all the emotion spent :) Happy emotion, though!

What are your Christmas week traditions?! I keep telling Stevie we need to create some new ones, and he says I shouldn't try so hard, just to let things happen. He might be right. But what are some of your favorite things to do this week? So I can steal them :) Ho ho ho! Merry week, friends!

P.S. - My Peppermint Bark recipe will be up tomorrow! I might be hiding it in stashes around my house so it doesn't get eaten all at once...