Happy New Year - and Thank YOU.

Friends, it's the dawn of a new year. A year that has never been before. We are living in an exciting time, in almost every single way! I am breathless over the promise and possibility that 2016 brings. I know there will be joy and pain and challenge and surprise, and I am finally ready to enjoy the journey, not just the accomplishment of achieving goals. The journey! The journey is gold! 2016, bring on the gold!

I want to take a moment to thank you, yes you, from the very bottom of my heart. Some of you have been reading this little blog for a while, and some of you are new friends to this forum.

Thank you so much for reading. You are priceless.

I am grateful that you value this space enough to share a few moments here every now and then. Your time is precious and I don't take it lightly that you share your open moments foraging through these trailing thoughts of mine. I have worked hard this year to develop more compelling content more often while still allowing myself to write authentically and just be me. The blog world is saturated, and I don't want to feel like a fool in ten years if I look back and realize I allowed someone else's vision dictate this personal space of mine. However, I am always looking to the horizon, seeking to challenge myself and hoping to lend encouragement to you.

You aren't the reason that I write. But you are the reason that I share. Thanks for all the positive feedback from the past year - I value and respond to each and every blog post comment, Instagram tag, and Facebook message because I like you. I want to continue to grow the content and direction of this blog, and I would love to know what you think. Which is why I am going to offer you a reader's survey later on this week. I want your input as I plan ahead for 2016 content here :) More on that later.

This week, I am going to share a little bit every day about one of my favorite times of the year - which is NOW. I love dreaming, goal-making, reflection and resolutions. These are some of my favorite things. Along with the reader survey, this week I will also be sharing some of my own resolutions, a few tools that help me shape my organization, and some encouragement from around the web on goal-making and resolutions.

Does 2016 excite you or terrify you? Are you knee-deep in your goals already? Have your resolutions already gotten stale in your mind? Haha, I'll tell you a little secret... I haven't enacted ANY of my goals yet. That what the ENTIRE month of January is for, friends! No need to rush the goal-compiling. I would just encourage you to not look to your friends or family for whatever their goals may be this year... take some time to just ponder YOU. And see where some of that reflection leads.

Let's check in tomorrow! Love to you!