Why You Should Create a New Year's Resolution Proverb.

New Year's resolutions can be so daunting. It always feels like a long laundry list of reactive items - eat better, exercise more, watch less TV, read more books, etc. It just seems like a reaction to bad behavior. Which makes the resolutions seems a bit like punishment. I'm not a self-punisher type. I don't get motivated by that kind of pain. So I took some time to really think during the gap week between Christmas and New Years about resolutions. The ones I made last year, and how they worked out for me. I actually did accomplish them, each in unique ways. It's always funny and a little embarrassing to look back on previous resolutions, because I personally am always like, "Really?? That was a goal of mine?!" But it was. I'm learning to own my stuff.

As for the resolutions themselves - last year's were so whimsical it still makes me laugh. I actually did a fair amount of bird watching, I watercolor painted greeting cards and mailed them out to friends, I definitely exercised more than I did the previous year (when I was pregnant, haha), and I vastly improved the function, aesthetic and content of this blog. Those were all my resolution goals from last year, and I made great strides in all those areas. Pat on the back, Kristen.

Looking ahead, I have so many ideas for 2016. My mind is spilling over like a bowl full of punch, and I am splashing all over the places the past few days, spewing out ideas to Stevie every other hour. Which is good. I feel like a Pantone color book of swatches - so many shades and tints and so many ideas and they're all beautiful and fascinating and exotic and exciting and how can I possibly anchor all of these?! So I'm trying to take some deep breaths, and you know, edit. But I will say that I've finally honed in on my proverb/mantra/motto (choose your favorite term) for the New Year, and I feel an enormous amount of conviction in it.

Simplify everything.

Be brave and know that you belong.

Follow your instinct.

You can totally make mistakes.

Be excellent and intentional in everything.

These five sentences are my guidepost. I will have to remind myself of them over and over again, but they will serve as my cornerstone encouragement for the year. These words just strike the right chord in my heart.

Why should you create a New Year's Resolution Proverb?

1. To encourage yourself in moments of doubt.

2. To strengthen yourself in moments of weakness.

3. To remind yourself of who you are. And why you're here.

4. And because tailoring your own Proverb totally makes your resolutions feel more significant. Am I right?

Figuring out your Proverb is actually a lot easier than it seems. Don't think, just let a few words flow. Sometimes our convictions are just on the tip of our tongue, or the forefront of our mind. We just have to give ourselves a bit of permission to encourage ourselves. Isn't that kind of funny? It's so easy to encourage our friends and loved ones, but ourselves? Sometimes we have a tricky time with it. Just do it! Figuring out your Proverb (or "guidepost") will help point you towards your goals every single time.

Or if you're having writer's block, you can totally use mine. I love sharing.

How are you feeling about New Years?! How are your resolutions shaping up? Does having a Proverb seem like a strange concept, or does that totally make sense to you? Talk to me!