Taste: Lavender Lemonade Icee

GEORGIA HEAT. It’s time for popsicles and ice cream and frozen yogurt and yes, icees! I do my best to make these treats at home, so that we don’t pay a premium at restaurants to stay cool all summer long. Trips to the ice cream shop can get pricey, especially with a husband who is an ice cream GLUTTON. He's lucky he's got some serious metabolism. But I started experimenting at home and this is a recent favorite. And it's an especially sweet, special treat, because it’s flavored with real lavender, which, when I'm drink it, makes me feel like a fanciful character out of a southern novel. And it does the trick! It really cooled me off in the midst of grappling with these humid Georgia temperatures! Get your slushy on, people.


-  4 cups ice

- 1.5 cups water

- 2 tbsp. lavender, dried or fresh

- ½ tbsp. raw sugar

- 2 lemons, peeled


1. Add ice, water and lemons to the blender. Blend on high for 10 seconds, or until just combined.

2. Add lavender and sugar. Blend again on high for 10 seconds, until mixture takes on an even, purple-ish tone. The prettiest icee I ever did see.

3. Pour into cups and enjoy! Decorate with bits of extra lavender and lemon, if you’re feeling fancy. Drink immediately, so it doesn’t melt!

Happy summering to you!