The Family That Bikes Together.


It's summer. SUMMMERRRRR.

Ice cream and humidity and crazy pool hair and sunshine til 9pm and EXPOSED TOES. In other words, its just the best season. And I am embracing this "I'm living and staying in Georgia" vibe and I am loving loving it. I'm really started to feel excited about settling in a bit more and staying here for a while. And it feels good.

In celebration of summer and Georgia and having a baby that's not so itty-bitty anymore, we've started biking. Like, every weekend. We got Everett this adorable, ridiculously functional bike seat and helmet and we have taken to the trails every weekend since we came home from our Euro trip. And you know what? It's been a really really fun way to house hunt! We've parked our car in different areas of the town that we want to buy a house in and biked all around, gazing at houses and vibing the hoods. It's been a really successful way of engaging with the community a bit more (like when Everett attempts to strike up conversations with neighbors that aren't yet ours) and giving us the ability to slow down and stop and stare a bit. And dream a bit.

Oh, and it's a really fun way to get active, too. Have I mentioned that Everett LOVES it? Well, here's proof.

The look of love, people. Love for summer and bikes and picnics and house hunting and yelping out loud while the summer wind whips around the bend. Love for SUBURBIA.