On the Living Room Floor.

I'll admit. I haven't been having tons of fun lately.

Moving just isn't. It isn't! Yes, I am thrilled to be in my new home and yes, I am thrilled to start piecing together the decor and yes, of course I am excited about the prospects of my vegetable garden. May it be fruitful and multiply! (If my vegetables are fruitful, well then, we're on to something). But am I having fun? Am I doing fun things? Not really. Not yet.

I'm just unpacking.

It's hard, lame work. It takes forever. But it must be done. In order to find the socks and the light bulbs and the bobby pins and those little collar things Stevie puts in the corners of his dress shirts. It must be done.

So I've been an unpacking fool and I am equal parts annoyed and bored with the task because its taking FOREVERRRR. I just want to be done.

But on Sunday we took a break from all the painting and furniture moving and box unpacking and just let loose a bit. We actually enjoyed each other, as a family. The three of us. We went to church. Ate lunch. Played on our new rug in our new living room. Went plant shopping. Bought gardening tools. It almost felt normal. But what was even better is that it felt FUN. And it had honestly been a few weeks since I felt like, wow, that was really, truly fun.

I just wanted to share a few of these photos because they make me feel happy and content. And lately I haven't been either of those things. I just want to keep it real. Sometimes life isn't overly hard or too easy, but it's unfun. However, even in seasons of strangeness and moving and feeling unsettled and as if you've misplacing your purpose (perhaps it's in that box over there), there is still a chance. An opportunity to find the joy in something really small. Like watching your baby son stare out the glass door in the first home you've ever bought. Like watching your big tall husband play with the itty bitty fluffy stuffed animal on the living room floor. Like feeling the arms of my boy wrap all the way around my neck while I smother him in kisses. These things are so precious. These are my sweet moments of true fun, real joy.

I don't have a lot of boxes unpacked. I don't have a fancy job. I don't have a zillion dollars and I don't have the answers to most questions. But I have these two souls, and this moment right now, and this cozy living room floor. And that is enough fun, joy and laughter to give breath to my lifetime.