Garden Update.

It's been about 3 weeks since I planted my first garden. When I say that I didn't and don't know what I am doing, that's not an understatement. I'm not being self-deprecating. I literally have no clue what I'm doing. But you know who does? Pinterest. Google. Those fine master gardeners out there in the world, who are kind enough to share pictures of what spinach seedlings should look like after 10 days. I would be clueless without the Internet. Well, and my friend Dana. She's a master gardener. I've been mad texting her all like, "Is this a good soil brand?" and "What do I do about caterpillars?!"

And now we've come to it. The caterpillars.

Skeezy, selfish, slimy gluttons. They've been decimating my cauliflower leaves. Boring holes into my baby plants.

They are no longer cute. They are more like machete-mouthed thieves of doom. I won't read Everett that book any longer. Caterpillars are the flipping worst. They found my cauliflower and they have almost decimated the leaves - eaten holes through them and now I'm praying my plants will still photosynthesize. I mean, look at these gaping holes. JUST LOOK.

It's like they've eaten holes right through my heart.

Oh, also, apparently I'm also growing what looks like cabbage. I didn't realize I bought cabbage. Didn't realize I planted it. Thought the whole lot was cauliflower. And I thought there was something wrong with a few of the plants because they were so short and growing weirdly. But I remember now that when I was planting, I found a label that said "cabbage" and I thought it was mislabeled, because all the cauliflower plants looked exactly the same.

I am a terrific airhead. It's cabbage. I'm growing cabbage.

I guess that's great! I enjoy coleslaw. Put it on this yummy pulled pork a few weeks ago. So yeah, let's grow cabbage!


The other plants seem to be growing beautifully. The galactic lettuce and romaine lettuce are growing like weeds, which is fun and colorful.

My little baby kale plants, which I've been growing inside the house, are almost ready to be transferred into the ground.

The radishes are a bit of a head scratcher. Only 4 seedlings came up. I planted a zillion seeds, but only 4 actually did their thing. So... I'm going to plant some more radishes. I've still got time, since they germinate and mature the most quickly - like 24 days from planting to eating! Whaaat? I love that efficiency, Mr. Radish. I won't hold your lack of mass germination against you.

And the carrots! These seedlings are so adorable. They have actually gotten fancier looking even since I took this photo, so I will have to do another update next week. The carrots are rad little plants!

A few more photos that aren't food related, but are keeping my garden looking really good.

There you have it! The garden update! Who wants to come over and harvest with me? :)